Country Club Dinning

Over the weekend I visited Trent Park Country Club for a light dinner and some drinks.

This was my first time visiting the Country Club for dinner and I was looking forward to it as I have heard good things.

The menu is pretty simple, the cuisine is American-Grill however it is not your TGIs (I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY).

Between the group we ordered Prawns, Cheese Burgers and Chicken Burgers; and there is nothing we can fault.

The Chicken burger was delicious and a real chicken breast which is always a pleasure to see in a with all the fake food that is shoved in our faces.

The prawns where cooked to perfection and the sweet chilli sauce was a great compliment to them. I did not personally eat the Cheese Burger however I was told it was delish.

We did not get our sweet potatoes fries as they had run out but the chunky chip where a good replacement.

The only con I found in the meal was the small side salad that came with the prawns, a larger salad would have been great and there was no dressing on the salad or any that came in small pots with the meal so we had to wait for the waitress to bring some. Not that it was a long wait we just was drooling over the prawns and wanted to tuck in.

The service by the staff was pleasant and the bar staff are incredibly good at what they do, one to many Hurricanes later I didn’t need any desert.

We tried the passion fruit martini’s and Daiquiri and I must say they tasted better than the cocktails I had the week before in the city.

I was also very shocked yet pleased when a bar tender over heard a conversation about driving and asked if any of us was driving as he mixes quite a bit of rum into a hurricane so would have to advice we don’t have another.

That kind of service proved the staff at the country club not only care about their work but about the guests they serve and for that I will be a regular customer.

Overall a lovely service and a reasonably priced menu, as they grow I look forward to seeing the menu grow in variety!

Join the Drink Up club!

For those who haven't already heard of Drink Up (which is pretty hard as I feel as though everywhere I turn or see a red cup, there's usually a Drink Up logo soon to follow) they are an alcohol delivery service who also specialise in personalising red cups for any event (literally). 

Drink Up started purely as an alcohol delivery service, (you drink, they drive) delivering bottles of exclusive and essential alcohol for the weekends for your gatherings, parties or just a girly night in when either the shops were closed, you couldn't be bothered to get up or you don't/or are over the limit to drive to the shop. Their selling point for me for sure is the range of alcohol they have; flavours and brands that you know you just cant get in your local off licence or supermarket that you would have to travel to specialist suppliers to get your hands on. With every order you get some Drink Up red cups complimentary (how great, delivered alcohol AND you don't have to worry about washing up, perfect!) 

With the demand and popularity of the company growing, they decided to expand on what they offer; giving not only Drink Up signature red cups but now the ability to personalise them with pictures and/or typing specific for your event. As you can imagine as an event planner I was all over this! I love anything thats personalised for events, for me it gives your event a signature, something that no other event would of had, or could have. 

The personalised cups have become a huge hit with their customers creating a huge buzz even if your not planning on drinking alcohol from them. 

They have also recently adapted their logo to make it 'child friendly' replacing the 'i' with a baby bottle, perfect for christenings, gender reveal, baby showers & children's birthdays.

I also have the inside scoop that their new venture is to offer various different colour cups as well as their signature red which I cannot wait for! 

We love using Drink Up for our events and our clients events, they are professional, affordable and have a fantastic turn around period for design proofs and deliveries (which is always handy). 

Check them out or get into contact with us today to have some personalised cups for your special event, wether it be birthday, engagement, stag do, hen do, wedding reception, bridal shower, company/product launch, children related events, graduations, anniversaries and many more!

We have a special code for discount off personalised Red Cups using Serenity London code SLCUPS20 for 20% off your personalised cup order! (thank us later) 

Below are some images from their impressive catalogue, but do check out their social media and website for full information.

Serenity are for sure in the Drink Up club, are you?


Date Night For 'Everyman'

When I heard there was such a thing of a cinema with comfy seats, these being large sofas and armchairs with cushions and footrests, I was instantly sold. Who wouldn’t want to feel relaxed with the home style cinema effect – it also gives you an excuse to  doze off if you’ve been dragged to see a film by your friend or partner.

So when I visited the Everyman cinema in Chelmsford my expectations were set pretty high especially as the company refer themselves as an “independent network of boutique cinemas” in which you’re paying double the price compared to more well known cinema brands such as Vue.

My expectations were definitely met and that wasn’t just based on the comfort of the velvet sofas! The aesthetics of the foyer area mirrored a relaxed bar you would find in the City, in which the classic cocktails such as mojito’s and daiquiri’s were half price all day everyday – that definitely gained brownie points for me.

The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, even showing us to our sofa despite there being nobody else in the cinema when we arrived. One of Everyman’s unique selling point is  the service of ordering from the wide range of drinks options available including sweet & salted popcorn milkshakes and also the food options which vary from cinema classics such as popcorn and sweets to pizza’s, burgers, nachos and flatbreads. Once ordered at the bar, it is then served to you during your film.

With it being my first time at an Everyman cinema, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a twist on the cinema date idea, whether that be with a friend, partner or by yourself. Not only do they screen blockbuster movies but likewise National Theatre Live, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Opera House and more.

If you’re thinking of hosting your own film night or want a cinema themed event such as your child’s birthday or even for a press launch, Everyman cinemas have a private hire option. Having venues ranging from Muswell Hill, Belsize Park and Barnet to Bristol and Leeds, no wonder it is becoming a popular choice for “Everyman”.

Take some inspiration from these movie themed cupcakes that we can provide for any occasion!

Hey Hey Print

Having busy weeks and back to back deadlines can usually drive you a tad crazy by the end of the month, but having business partners that ease tge stress is always a blessing for us!

All out print work is done by the fabulous team at Hey Print. No matter the deadline they always seem to get the job done all great quality.

The guys at Hey Print truly care about each and every product that leaves their shop.  With great prices, even better quality and customer service its a no brainer to try them out for any of your printing needs.

Check out their website, call on 020 8889 5101 or email

Ask for Evrim & tell him Serenity sent you! 

Thank us later x


Gender Reveals

Gender reveal parties. Parties that reveal the gender of your unborn child. This is a craze that has originated from America (similar to popular baby showers). It is a fun and sweet way to let your loved one know which baby grow colours to start buying! 

There are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, including balloon popping, cake slicing and having your family pet run in with the gender coloured balloons attached to his collar (no really we are not joking) 

These parties can take quite a bit of planning, especially when the expectant mother and father don't want to find out the gender until the reveal too! (Its so much more fun that way). 

At Serenity London we can offer a full service gender reveal to take the weight off Mummy and Daddy shoulders and ensure a stress free and magical night for all the family. 

We recently planned a fun gender reveal where the guests were asked to choose which 'team' they were on based on their prediction of what they thought the baby was going to be to add a little more fun and competitiveness to the evening which really gave it a great feel. 

We used pink and blue coloured lemonade and personalised cups from the guys down at Drink Up to make it possible! (They have a baby/child friendly logo especially for baby showers, children's birthdays, christenings and gender reveals now which is great!)

Below are some examples of different gender reveal event ideas for any expectant mothers out there! Pass this on!


Pick Me Ups

With January and February always causing those winter blues, March always tends to put a spring into my step (pardon the pun) as flowers are starting to bloom and with the sun finally making an appearance (when it feels like it). I can’t help but look forward to evenings in beer gardens, hosting family BBQ’s and of course summer holidays jetting off to white sands and cocktails galore!

But before I daydream too much into what the rest of the year has planned for me – including the amazing upcoming events we have here at Serenity London (don’t forget to check out all of our social media to keep updated) I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cassie and I am one of Serenity’s Interns who has had the pleasure in joining the team.

This new opportunity for my career has been the pick me up I have needed and I’m certainly not suggesting that you need to make a drastic change in your career, in fact it’s the smallest of things that make the difference not only if you are trying to make physical changes but the following suggestions will indeed allow for a more positive outlook.

The first ‘pick me up’ is something so simple yet can either go so right or so wrong.

And yes I’m talking about brows!

Brows by Lois is my go to HD brow stylist especially as I am very fair-headed and so the brow game always seems to be so much harder to keep up but none the less Lois always fixes me up with the best and most natural look to suit my complexion. Keeping them bushy like Cara Delevingne, defined and thick like the Kardashian’s or if you feel more comfortable with slightly thinner brows, then this professional is a woman you need on speed dial when those brows are getting too out of hand!

If being able to feel like you can fall asleep whilst getting this type of  treatment isn’t already good enough, she also offers individual lash treatments at such reasonable prices for the quality and the ease she puts you at.

A small change like this can really boost confidence especially if you have had horror stories in the past.

Here are some photos of her work from her Instagram @browsbylois:

The second ‘pick me up’ is changing your exercise routine and I don’t mean increasing the amount of times you go to the gym per work, in fact is has been proven that changing the type of exercise you do every six weeks actually allows for more results.

And not the physical ones either, I recently took up yoga and I have found the changes on my mental health and well being astonishing. It allows you to have the ‘me’ time we all tend to neglect especially in the hectic lives we all lead.

Somewhere I am hoping to take my zen to the next level is at one of the Sky-High Yoga Class at The View from The Shard which is definitely the definition of views!

It is a one hour class held by Yogasphere’s Mandy Jhamat (named “one of the UK’s top yoga teachers” by Marie Claire) and Harley Street wellbeing coach Leo Lourdes. The price of the ticket also includes a 30 minutes pass to enjoy the incredible view of London’s skyline  which I have been lucky enough to view multiple times.

The Shard also hold other events such as their Silent Discos, which combined with the yoga in the morning could be part of a upcoming Hen Do or Birthday Celebration package that Serenity London could personally create which would leave you and your guests treasuring those memories for a lifetime!

With Easter only a month away, supermarkets and shops are bombarding us with as much chocolate as possible and although we all know it isn’t the essence of what Easter is about, it does allow us to treat those sweet teeth!

The third ‘pick me up’ is indulgence, whether that be in your favourite restaurant, a glass of wine or for me, chocolate is my go to!

And for all those chocoholics out there, Choccywoccydoodah (based in Carnaby Street and Brighton) will be your idea of heaven!

As you enter the shop and get directed upstairs to the ‘bar du chocolat’, (note there might be a small wait as they do not take reservations, but it is so worth it), the inner child within you will not be able to hide!

The menu exceeds expectations with different variations on classic favourites such as peanut butter milkshakes and chocolate guinness cake. When I visited around Christmas time, between three chocoholics we were defeated by the amount we ordered (you can see all the glory in the photo below). I would definitely recommend the strawberry and white chocolate truffle milkshake and the chocolate everything cake - which will fulfill every expectation!

Despite the bar du chocolat being small in size, the service was not lacking as all the staff were happy to answer any questions about the extensive menu they offer. They also provide vegetarian and vegan options as all of their chocolate is vegetarian and dark chocolate is vegan!

I hope you enjoyed these pick me up’s! If you choose any of the above to Pick You Up this March, please upload and tag us in any pictures on Instagram/Facebook or Twitter!

Twitter: @SerenityLondon

Instagram: @SerenityLondon

Facebook Page: Serenity London Events 

C x 



Top 3 Current Favorite Hen destinations

Not many of our social media followers truly know how much Serenity London Event's services really meet all the needs of an event or occasion in our clients lives.

As the majority do know we plan Corporate dinners, Launch Parties, Listen Parties, Christmas Gala's, Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements etc; however we also offer the full package and plan Hen and Stags and Honey Moons.

We combine our knowledge of events, dinning and hospitality with our trusted travel experts who manage the flight and hotel bookings.

We have had requests to simply book, hotel, flights, transport and goody bags for the hen to Maid of Honors request a full itinerary along side the hotel, flight and hen hampers.

We also offer Hen and Stag hampers as a sole service.

To the point of the blog, over the last year we have found that 3 destinations have been incredibly popular amongst our Brides-to-Be. So we thought we would share with you our findings and some suggestions.

1. Dubai
Dubai is a great destination most of the year round, however August is incredibly hot and January is not as hot as you would expect. Although leaving England in Jan it may seem like it is boiling in comparison.
Dubai has something for all ages groups which is great if you have a mixed group of hen. Sun, Clubs, great restaurants and desert safaris! Hotels we recommend are The Fairmount The Palm, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites and Sofitel Dubai Jumeriah Beach.

2. Paris
Paris has been a popular destination and still remains. The city offers beautiful scenery and a wide range of restaurants to satisfy all the parties pallets. The nightlife has been awarded for its diversity and stunning clubs. There are many bars and cafe's with beautiful views of the city and offer Cocktail Making Classes, Macron Classes and Afternoon Tea. The great selling point on paris is the short flight for such a fantastic getaway. Hotels we reccomend are Hotel De Vendome and Melia Royal Alma.

3. Vegas
Need I say more! Party till your hearts content day or night, eat at anytime of the day and enjoy shows that will blow your mind! Who wouldn't want to see JLO?. 
Our most recommended hotels for Hen or Stags are Cosmopolitan, Aria and Encoure.

We hope this was a little help in your search for a destination, if you need any assistance or would like to put your plan into action contact us on


S x 



Drizzy Drake

This month we had the pleasure of attending the event of the year (so far!) The Boy Meets World tour by Drake.

With a number of sold out shows across Europe, if you had a ticket you were indeed one of the lucky ones! & were we lucky!

We took to the 02 arena in Greenwich, an impressive area with many famous named restaurants and a beautiful space with various activities.

As we took to our seats, the atmosphere was amazing, the show had not started yet and there wasn’t any music playing, but the vibe from the arena was wonderful; you knew what kind of show you would be in for.

Young Thug - Drake’s opening act, took to the stage and sung some of his well known songs that really got the crowd warmed up. I like Young Thug and his songs so I was pleased when I found out he was opening the show, however, I found his performance quite dull; there wasn't much movement or anything special that happened during his opening, he was literally standing there singing. I’m really happy I knew and liked his songs and quite frankly felt sorry for anyone who didn’t know him as they was probably least impressed.


He didn’t leave much room for disappointment. Event wise,  His show was magical; dancers, giant globes, an amazing ensemble of these floating ‘balloon’ type art that would ripple with the music putting you in a complete daze. I am personally a very big fan of Drake and have been following his music from the beginning (& still frequently listen to many of his old albums) so it was very pleasing to hear so many of his old songs as well as some of the best songs from his new Album Views.

What i’ve always admired about Drake is his interest in the English culture, as huge of an artist he is and from all the way across the waters, he has sparked interest in many up and coming UK artists such as Skepta, Sneakbo, Giggs, Section Boyz, Krept & Konan, Kyla and Dave to name a few. This flowed through the show as he brought out Section Boyz & Giggs on the night we attended and it literally tore down the arena. Other shows he has also brought out the likes of Krept and Konan too which we wished we could have seen!

Honestly, if there is any way you can get a ticket to see Drake live this year, I would do it. You leave feeling fulfilled, uplifted and totally buzzing. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Drake perform every time he has visited London and he has never disappointment me yet. In Fact, he gets better every time!

I’m really looking forward to his new Mixtape release, More Life, that is out soon as I have heard that there is a number of UK talent featured on there so keep an ear out!

& Drake...  If you’re reading this.. Please come back soon!




Kera Care Love!

It has been two months since I started using the Kera Care Winter package.

I never use one set of shampoo and masks at once just because I have found if my hair gets to use to products it tends to not work as well.

So I decide to alternate between Kera Care and my other Shampoo and Mask; however for the 6 weeks I only used the Kera Care essential oils and these last two weeks I mixed in a little Black Seed Oil.

The shampoo has left my hair feeling very clean and not too stiff; I decided to put a few drops of the essential oils in the shampoo to just give my hair that extra softness after shampoo and it seemed to work well.

The mask worked really well with my hair and gave it a soft bounce. I then used the mask for heat treatments and kept it in for 3 hours and this made my curls pop!

On a bi-weekly basis I done a heat treatment and alternate weeks a mask treatment.

Having curly hair I tend to use more masks and conditioners over shampoos, I have just found my curls look better and my hair feels softer and more moistened.

So the essential oils, this may have been the best product I could have started using in November. It has made my ends feel a lot stronger and unlike the 100% coconut oil I used to use it keeps my whole hair soft and shinny throughout the day.

I have used this oil during my natural hair days and after getting a blow dry and found it stopped my hair frizzing!

I also used the oil as a hot oil treatment the day before blow drying my hair and I can honestly say my hair has never looked so shinny and thick.

Although I have very curly hair it has become quite fine due to all the types of extensions I have used in the past however these last two months my hairdressers and family have passed comments about my hair looking thicker. Now I put this down to my ends looking a lot healthier.

I started mixing the essential oils with the black seed oil just because I have been reading a number of benefits with the oil, so I have altered my routine to alternate the days. When I did my last heat treatment on Sunday I mixed the oils for the first time and I just found the texture was still soft but my curls where not as tight.

That can be a pro or con depending on your preference however I now know heavier oils make the curl loser which may be great just before getting a blow dry as it will make it easier to do.

Overall I will always use essential oils, the mask is going to continue to be in my rota of masks throughout the year and the shampoo was nice but not my favourite shampoo that I have ever tried.

For ladies with curly or thick hair I defiantly recommend the above.

The Serenity Network

Networking. Such an important way to make new connections, to get your business across to the right people and to create long-lasting relationships with the right people.

As great as it sounds, having been to over 10000 networking events and exhibitions (or so it feels like) it can become quite tiresome and repetitive, especially when you leave feeling as though none of the business cards you picked up are going to be particularly useful.

For me - the worst kind of networking event is when you go and are attacked by vultures by these businesses that have paid enough money to exhibit themselves at an event and just want to make their money back by any means necessary - even if that means corning you trying to convince you why you need them to build you a brand new website even when you've told them your website is only a month old.

All of these experiences is what drove me to create this beauty; The Serenity Network.

I needed a network for like minded people, I needed consistency, I needed not only connections for business, but connections for ideas, inspiration, advice, I needed a place where if i’m up brainstorming at 2am..there could be a platform where if anyone else was in the same mindspace we could speak, relate. I needed some real, raw and reassuring. So when you can't find something like that that already exists what do you do?; you make it yourself.

The Serenity Network is a members only network; you can only join if you are a business owner or service provider. There is a 24 hour accessible online group for frequent discussion that varies from political debates, to the recommendations on the best banks to use, to general advice and opinions for business ideas and expansions. Membership also includes entry to monthly networking events and workshops. My aim for the workshops is for everyone to leave inspired. To leave feeling motivated. To feel ready. We first launched The Serenity Network in November, approaching all entrepreneurs with this opportunity.

We hosted our first event in December, a christmas themed welcome event. Introduce your business, what you do, question and answers and how you hope to move forward. It was a calming atmosphere with creative juices flowing; it was inspiring sitting back and looking at all of these minds, from different backgrounds, different industries and different experiences all interlocking together and offering suggestions for advertising, marketing and business development. We then put everyone’s marketing materials into a bag and each person picked out another businesses resources and had to relay information about the business from what they had heard in the meeting. By the end some of us were crying from laughter and others extremely flattered by the extent of attention that was paid to our businesses. It was a truly lovely evening, and even better knowing that by the end of the night, each business had made at least one connection for business in the near future. Success!

I am so confidently looking forward to the future, with an events background I am so determined to make each event a success and worth while as well as having the knowledge of the do’s and dont’s of a typical networking event, combining both of them and making some serious entrepreneurial magic!

On January’s agenda we have a vision board party; creating a mood board for all that you hope and expect for your business in 2017 using the resources provided.

January's event will be hosted by Business owner Shinel Critchlow, the founder of the Urban Entertainment Awards, an award show for UK talent that celebrated its 3rd award show in November 2016. She has created her brand, expanded on her audience, reached out and successfully secured sponsors and has managed to grow the event in size each year. With her bubbly, warm and positive personality as well as her knowledge of the industry  we are confident that Shinel is the perfect person to create the perfect atmosphere for this month's event!

February and March will be covering business accounts, smart payments and social media. We aim to speak about these topics for the month in the group before the event to create a focus and learning point.

So if you are a business owner or service provider and are looking for a real push for yourself and your business in the new year, please get in touch! Membership is only £10 per month and the possibilities are endless.


Below are the links for becoming a member or to attend the January event as a one off to see how we work in The Serenity Network. Please be reminded that this is exclusive for business owners and service providers and entry and membership will be denied if proof of business can not be verified.

Let’s get networking!



To become a member:


To purchase a ticket for the January event:


the serenity network .jpg

Empire Jewels

Everyone likes a nice piece of jewellery right? Especially when its sparkly, stylish and with a simple yet stunning design.

The lovely team over at Empire Jewels sent me and Serenity's other Director a few bracelets from their AW16 collection and we loved them! My personal favourite was the Silver Hand of Fatima. They compliment any other jewellery you have on and are a beautiful statement piece along side an outfit for an evening out. 

So wether you wear Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or all of the above, I would for sure recommend all you fashion, jewellery and statement piece lovers to check out their website and their Instagram page to have a look at their unique and striking designs.

Christmas is around the corner, so if you have a loved one who would appreciate something like this, they're prices are very reasonable for the quality of their bracelets. 

Thanks again! We look forward to wearing these at all our festive events. 

Below are some images of our top picks from their collection! 

Happy Shopping! 




Make Up Mania in Grange Park!

Who is excited for the Christmas period to begin??? Food, Festivities and Fun all month long!

While we are out getting ready for the season of giving, I know there are loads of people planning their Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and NYE looks.

What to wear? What to do with my hair? How will I do my make up? What can I do different?

Well in our wonderful town of Grange Park on 2nd December 2016 Laura Louise will be hosting a Make Up Master Class, where you can learn a number of techniques to create you perfect wow look!

Now if your into Make Up I am sure you know who she is so you really do not want to miss out!
So for those living in Oakwood, Grange Park, Enfield, Southgate and Cockfosters be sure to get down there and when purchasing let them know you heard the news from Serenity London Blog!

Keep an eye out on our event pages for future Events hosted by Serenity London Events and Events we attend and support

Thinking of hosting your own event and need full or part planning, design and coordination email

Let us know if you attend!

S x



Around the world in 190 minutes! WTM 2016

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the 2016 World Travel Market by Reed Expo.

What a successful visit! We meet lovely people that we plan to build a long lasting working relationship with and we travelled round the world in just 3 hours... If only but it was close enough! 

 The event is always eye catching and mezmorising & this year was no different. A round if aplause to each country and their efforts & execution. Asia & South America & Africa always find ways to amaze me Panama, Indonesia, India, Bolivia and Costa Rica paid such detail to every corner of there stand.

The flow of the event was great I didnt feel like I missed anything out that I needed to see and I did not feel cramped or clautraphobic. The spacing between stands is very important, being that little bit to close can make visitors feel overwheled and like there is too much going on.

The staff at each stand where really helpful and welcoming. They all knew what was happening at their booths and surroundings. The only staff that let the event down had to be the entrance staff who were abit abrupt, but that did not ruin the event.

So my favourite part of the event was most definatly meeting people from all walks of the world with such different experience in the travel industry, however trying the different foods and drinks came very very close behind.

Im going to be completly honest (fingers crossed my trainer does not read this) I loved trying the different rums from Cuba and Ginger mix from Indonesia, the chocolate in Belgium was obviously to die for (and I am not a chocolate lover) the chips in Holland where so moreish I litterally had to avoid the stand at all cost but once again Costa Rica and their Snow Cones (Heaven for my taste buds!).

Anyone who works in the travel industry or closely with who did not attend truly missed out; unless they were to busy actually travelling of course. I also advise anyone interested in opening a hotel or bespoke travel agents to definatly attend next year.

Im super excited for what 2017 is going to bring for Serenity working more closely with the travel industry.

If you are interested in hosting coporate or private events (wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary) abroad, check out blogs and social media regularly for announcements!  

We will be visiting Dubai in Feb so keep your eyes peeled for Restaurant, Activity and Venue reviews.  

Have a great week!

S x



All Purpose Hampers

How better to send a message than in a gift form? (Really there isn’t)

Hampers are the nicest, most personal and unique ways to send gifts, especially when you can personalise each one specifically for the individual on the receiving end.

I’ve been seeing recently that people (brides to be in specific) are becoming more and more creative when it comes to sending messages as gifts.

I’ve seen personalised balloons, personalised candles and the other day i saw an actual invitation! At Serenity we offer the service of hamper making, as big or small as you require, made just for the special person on the receiving end. These hampers can contain what you like (or what the person likes of course) they are full of treats, handcrafted, packed, sealed and sent either back to you or to the person direct! No fuss, no hassle and no running around!

So whether you’re asking someone special to go on a date,  be a Godmother/Godfather, bridesmaid, maid of honour, flower girl, page boy, or whether you want to send a hamper to say sorry, to say love you, well done or sorry your leaving, congratulations, good luck, for a babyshower gift or a bridal shower, for a hen party or for a house warming, Merry Christmas or Happy New Year...We are the one stop shop for all!

And don’t worry if you don’t really have an idea what you want, we have premade female and male packages that you can opt for! So for the perfect hamper, for the perfect person (for a perfect price) contact us today!

Below are some hamper examples we found while surfing the net...Enjoy!


Beauty Rehab...Lash Rehab!

‘’Nothing is more true about our generation..than its addiction to beauty!’’

And in all honesty, I probably couldn’t agree more! (Don’t think my nan has ever felt the need for an every few week lash infill!)

If you’re like us, and like to try the newest facial, feel naked without your lashes done or simply cannot fathom the thought of grown out eyebrows..Beauty Rehab is the best place to get your fix!

Situated in the chic Muswell hill in North London, this cute salon offers everything from laser hair removal, waxing, nails, tanning, lashes, brows, semi permanent make up and many more.

Seda along with her team of talented and friendly rehab girls are a pleasure to be around, welcoming and bubbly - and 100% professional.

With the success of the Beauty Rehab brand building and the growing interested into the lashes that are often posted across their social media page; Lash rehab was born! A line created by the salon’s owner handcrafted and picked from her experience in the industry and knowledge of the trade.

Launching in December for purchase; I had the pleasure of trying these individual lashes for myself - and boy was I impressed! I got a full set of thick, luscious, curly long lashes which meant no everyday mascara and no fiddling around on the weekend or any mid week events with strip lashes! 

Its been 2 and a half weeks and I haven't needed an infill (which I am super pleased about) but am looking forward to going back soon! We will also be trying other beauty treatments that we will keep you updated with our experiences in our blogs.

Don't believe me? Book in and check it out for yourself! (But do it quick as last minute appointments aren't always available) 

Below are some pictures of their work, check out the instagram pages @seda_london/@BeautyRehab for more and request @LashRehab for their launch coming soon!


K x


Magical Mykonos

Mykonos. A gem of the mediterranean, situated next to islands such as Santorini, Ios, Kos, Skiathos..Mykonos is a beauty in its own rights; bursting with culture and oozing history.


I visited Mykonos in September. I enjoy going away outside peak summer season (my favourite times usually being May and September) as it’s tends to not be as busy as July/August and you get to enjoy your holiday destination more.


I have visited some Greek Islands on family holidays when I was younger and always wanted to discover more. I love Greek music, food and culture and love the friendly locals that reside in hidden villages. It was a toss up between Santorini and Mykonos for me; in the end choosing Mykonos based on the beautiful hotel I found (which we ended up staying at - Yay!)

Luckily Mykonos was still relatively hot when I arrived - temperatures reaching a high of 28 and a low of 20 in the evenings (which is perfect as my hair tends to frizz with the humidity). It is only a 3.5 hour flight as well which is wonderful as usually I feel as though I have to travel 8 hours + to feel as though i’m somewhere tropical!

Our hotel was on the top of the mountain which made the views stunning from wherever you sat, ate or relaxed. Our rooms had the option of a private pool or jetted tub on the balcony which gave us that extra piece of luxury and relaxation.

The hotel we stayed in - Royal Myconian - was stunning; all the employees were all fluent in English and were more than able to help us with any enquiry we had - Would recommend anyone staying in Mykonos to stay at that hotel or any of its Sister hotels.

The food was amazing - I’m not the biggest seafood eater but I found myself ordering seafood nearly everyday. There are some amazing restaurants on the seafront in the town which do amazing calamari and prawns which was my favourite restaurant of the trip (Niko’s taverna).

Mykonos Town is a must visit and I have to say we went 5/7 nights and each time we found a new side of the town that we didn’t know existed.

From the hidden family tavernas on your right; Louis Vuitton store on your left there really is something for everyone.

So if like me - you have holiday blues and you’re already thinking about planning next year’s trip - if you haven't been - Mykonos is where you should visit!


72 Days Till Your Signature Christmas!

So there are 72 days until Christmas and I would hope you are all beginning your Christmas Prep (organisation is key!).

As we know hosting Christmas Dinner can be stressful, exciting, tiring and rewarding. If you host yearly you always think how can I better last year and if this is your first Christmas you wonder how you can creating a true Christmas for your guests.

Being a guest at someone else's house also has its challenges with the question being; WHAT SHOULD I CONTRIBUTE TO THE DAY?

So we have decided to create a  Signature Special Christmas Treat Bar to give your Christmas day the extra special touch. For those hosting it will also save you a great deal of time running around buying cakes and sweets to statisfy your guests sweet tooths.

Our bars can consist of large cakes, mini cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, Christmas sweets, brownies, chocolates, custom candy bowls and more. We can also create dairy, gluten and nut free bars, so do not hesitate to ask! You can have as little and as much as you like.

Book a Signature Special Christmas Treat Bar by the end of October and get 10% quoting SLCHTMS16.

All Christmas Bars are set up Christmas Eve. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Molly...& Her Cakes!

Social media is such an amazing platform to come across different creatives, especially as an event organiser its can be a perfect place to view people’s work and to get new ideas.

A good friend of mine posted a this mesmerizing (literally) looking cake.

Luckily she had tagged the baker... and along came Molly!

Molly’s page is full of colourful, unique and abstract cakes. They have a ‘dripping’ design that makes you lick your lips just looking at them and are piled high with your all time favourite chocolates and sweets.

Each one different and special; you can really see the effort and precision used for each individual cake... each element placed perfectly on each tier.

After oogling at Molly’s range of cakes, cupcakes and all things baked, we had to get her on board at Serenity, making her one of our trusted and recommended bakers for all types of events!

So wether its for your wedding, christening, anniversary, birthday, leaving-do, babyshower or simply for dinner guests - we are happy to offer Molly’s services as part of your event and special day - get into contact with us today for a quote!

Below are some of our favourite cakes from Molly’s portfolio... Enjoy!

Inamo Covent Garden

Hey Food Lovers,


We recently visited Inamo in Covent Garden for the 1st time and to our delight it was a great experience.

We arrived half an hour early for our booking yet was seated within minutes. From the service and the technology experience to the delicious tasting food, we were happy dinners.

The decor and layout felt very Tokyo/Hong Kong inspired. I truly loved the ipad and table computer ordering system, it was simple and allowed us to order continuously as the night went on if we fancied more.

We could also order drinks through the system which was brilliant and it is a really easy way to know how much the bill was going to be at the end of the night so there is no hanging around.

Through the Chef Cam you can see the kitchen right at your seat, which was nice to know you could check to see how your food was being handled (my inner investigator/nosey parker was thrilled my this service).

Our food came within 25 minutes as was delicious throughout. We began our order with Spicy Edamame followed with California Roll, Crunchy Tempura Prawn Maki,  Duck with pancakes and two Lychee Martini’s.

This was more than enough food for two people and was really reasonably priced. We continued to order a few more cocktails and another portion of edamame throughout the evening. The staff where delightful and we was there until closing. They did not even rush us at the end (which they should have!).

I would highly recommend Inamo to any reader and friend. To conclude it is now in my top 3 favourite sushi place in London.

If you visit be sure to let us know your thoughts!.

Mirror Booth!

Events. Whether it’s a birthday, a Christmas party, a wedding, christening or engagement, whether it's a launch for a company or a fashion show; events are where memories are made and lost lasting impressions are created.

At Serenity London we believe in creating these magical events so that you can remember the events for a lifetime! Now, I’m sure many of us will go to hundreds and some even thousands of events in our lifetime and it will be probably hard to remember them all, right?

Now what a better way to capture an event... then by actually capturing it!

We met with Photographer and Mirror booth owner Evagoras and he showed us his amazing work and extraordinary (it really is) mirror booth! This was the first time we have seen one and we fell in love!

Now it’s as wonderful as a photobooth in the sense that it provides your guests with pictures they are instantly able to take away, it has all the props for good shots and it is a way for your guests to interact and have fun at any event. The difference is - it isn’t in booth form; simply an interactive touchscreen mirror that speaks to you! (& tells you how fabulous you look in your photos!)

It really is a unique addition to your event - it’s different, reasonably priced, self serviced, doesn’t take up a large amount of venue space, it has a quick put up and take down time and it’s owner is a warming and helpful gentleman who, like us, understands the logistics and importance of creating memorable events for clients.

So if you want a photographer and/or mirror booth for your event get in contact with us today at or calling us on 0208-008-2780!

Below are some images of the booth, enjoy!