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Welcome to Serenity & The UK

2019 is the year in which Serenity aims to work on welcoming more international clients to the UK. Our wonderful country has an outstanding range of venues and settings that are perfect to create unique and memorable events for both corporate and social clients.



Serenity is the home of event excellence and can provide a true British experience with as much formality or simplicity as required. Our team of experts takes care of every detail, starting from planning the event from scratch to helping out guests on the day. We’ll help you find the perfect venue and organise excellent professional staff to attend the event. We have years of experience working with international clients and companies on a business, events and marketing level. Let us elevate your event to the next level with our expertise and talent.


We know that requirements for events can vary from size to style, and that not everyone is looking for a spacious elegant venue that can accommodate over 50 people. We can provide you with a variety of types of events and one of our most popular services for international clients has been our hospitality itineraries. We offer clients weekend or week long itinerary services where we take care of booking everything from hotels and restaurants to shows, clubs and events. The only thing you have to do is book your flights and enjoy your visit.



Flights, cars, limousines, horse and carriage?

We are lucky enough to work with one of the best PJ Charters around the world. Our teams join forces to offer the best private charter experience possible. We can provide you with amazing car services that range from driven cars or self drive cars, alongside private planes. Once you start your event planning with us, we can think of the perfect forms of transportation for you and your party.