End of Summer Events

As the end of August approaches us, it may feel like summer is ending but not on August Bank Holiday weekend when summer can be relived through the various events London has to offer. One being the vibrant, loud and fun for the entire family, Notting Hill Carnival taking place from Sunday 27th August to Monday 28th August.  If you’re travelling as a family, Sunday is ‘children’s day’ which allows a much more relaxed vibe whilst Monday is the main parade. Either day, you will be able soak up the traditional Caribbean culture with the music and various food stalls which available making you wish summer was lasting that tad longer!

There are various other events occurring over the weekend, here are some that I hope to visit and be part of:

Field Day @ Dinerama -

A music festival with food options from all over the world – sign me up! Field Day have teamed up with Street Feast at their Shoreditch location - Dinerama.  Feel no guilt with getting as many ‘Tequila Colada slushies’ as you want when you can dance and enjoy the rest of the night with various DJ sets.

The Beast @ Alexandra Palace –

You thought giant inflatable obstacles were just for kids, you were wrong! Through the whole bank holiday weekend, you can burn some of those extra calories through 32 inflatable obstacles which stretches across 272 meters. To finish this ‘mini workout’ there are plenty of refreshments including prosecco on tap (yes you read that right!) and live DJ’s. Tickets are available from www.thebeastlondon.com

Destiny’s Child Orchestra @ XOYO –

Any true DC fan’s face will light up with the sound of this. Although I was a little unsure how ‘Bootylicious’ was going to sound in classical form until I saw a clip of it through various bloggers who attended a preview event (lucky lucky girls). It consists of a 16-piece orchestra performing all of Destiny's Child's most iconic songs live on stage – what more could you want?


I hope these bank holiday events have given you some inspiration for your long weekend ahead or they may have even inspired you to have a fun filled upcoming event of your own.

Please contact us to start creating your one of a kind event.


The first time festival-goer survival guide!

Festival season is upon us.. Even if the sunshine isn’t! Survival for a first-time festival goer isn’t always easy or natural. For those who have been a few times, they know the little things that can improve your experience by a million to ensure you have the best time enjoying the best music! So here are our main survival tips to ensure the best weekend ahead...

Whatever the weather

We all know how unpredictable British weather can be, which is why it’s crucial you make sure you are prepared for the sun and the rain - no matter what the weather forecast! This means bringing along waterproofs and wellies as well as suntan lotion and sunglasses!

Staying hygienic

Hand sanitiser, loo roll, wet wipes and dry shampoo will be your best friends over the weekend, but make sure you share with your friends to avoid bringing any more luggage than necessary, remember, you’ll be carrying it all to and from the campsite! Spare clothes are also a good idea in case of a mud attack, however don’t overdo it; be sure to use your packing space wisely!


they’re easy to forget! - keys, camera, toothbrush, tickets and ID, cash and cards are all very important, so make sure you set a reminder, or you may not even get in!

Sleeping tight

Fluffy socks will save you at night time when the temperature drops. Hoodies and tracksuit bottoms would be best, because after all, you’re camping outside! With that being said, don’t forget your sleeping bag!

Looking the part

Festival looks go from one extreme to the other, but the one thing most people have in common is.. GLITTER! So make sure you’re well equipped, they will probably be selling it inside the festival but for high prices! Other little bits such as stick on tattoos or flowers won’t go amiss either. As silly as it may sound, a fanny pack is almost essential when walking around the festival. You’ll be able to keep all your valuable belongings safe on you at all times; won’t regret it! Another hack when packing your garms is mix & match clothes. This will help you to save space, so see which outfits you can swap around to create more glam looks! This will allow you more space for spare underwear and socks - you’ll need them!

Helpful extras

We all know how little time it takes for phones to run out, especially when you’re snapping the whole day, so a portable phone charger can be a lifesaver. Keeping your phone on airplane mode whilst it’s charging or you’re not using it will also save you valuable percentage. Ear plugs may also be a clever idea for those who value their extra winks like I do! And a torch can also help you navigate your way round after dark, saving you from tripping over those sneaky tent ropes! Padlocks for your tent will also give you a little extra peace of mind throughout the day when you leave your stuff. Tying a flag or balloon to your tent may also be worth your time when hunting through the thousands on your campsite, or maybe even tie one to your friend that gets lost often!

We hope these handy tips make your festival a little more carefree and fun-filled! Enjoy x

Wedding Alternatives

Many of you may have already had the pleasure of being a guest to one of many weddings planned for the summer or you may even be a prospective bride or groom for your wedding this year. Apart from the classic and traditional memories of the day including the entrance of the bride, the first dance and the obligatory embarrassing speech by Father of the Bride and that’s all before the evening begins. The small details are what I notice at weddings; here are some unique touches and alternatives to wedding classics that I have seen:

1)      A “Cheese” Cake – not the New York style (although that is an option) but instead of layers of sweet options, this is for those with a more savoury tooth. It also serves as an additional evening food option and supermarket’s such as Mark’s and Spencer’s sell them for as little as £95!

2)      Centrepieces – if you decide that you don’t want a large flower arrangement for your centre pieces on the tables, there are plenty of ideas that will create the subtle or dramatic effect that you want to create. I recently saw a cupcake centre piece shaped as if they were roses, this is an excellent sweet treat idea perfect for the kids and adults!

3)      Boozy Baths – I took this inspiration from a recent holiday in Mexico where they had a Moet & Chandon champagne bath on multiple theme nights (yes I did want to take this home!) If your drinks reception is going to be outside, a beer bath or barrow could be created by filling it with ice and your favourite beers. Likewise you can fill it with mini bottles of prosecco or even soft drinks.


I hope these alternatives to wedding classics have inspired you to put a twist on your upcoming wedding or event.

Contact us to discuss the endless options we have to add an extra touch to your event.

6 ways to keep children entertained at weddings

We all know how hard it is to entertain kids at home for a couple of hours, let alone for the whole day at a wedding when your attention is elsewhere; so here are a few handy tips and ideas to help keep the kiddies happy on your wedding day…

  1. The Children's Table

Having a table specifically for the young ones on your day is a great way to keep them entertained and all together in one place, giving their mums and dads a chance to relax and get involved with the adult activities; having things such as crayons to colour in a wedding-themed table cloth, or sweeties to decorate their own cookies are some ideas!

2. Chocolate Fountain

What goes together better than children and chocolate?! I’ll wait… Keep the kids entertained for hours in the evening with a variety of fruit and marshmallows for them to dip in throughout the night.. Seconds anyone?

3. Childrens Entertainer

If you have a large number of children attending your special day, why not consider hiring a popular kids character to keep them occupied during important moments. Elsa, or Spider-Man.. That’s the hard part of the decision, I’d let the kids vote if I were you!

4. Party Packs

Having special and personalised boxes or favours for the young ones is a great little gift to them, not to mention the contents can keep them busy for hours! Including things like games, colouring tools, glow sticks or even bubbles to put a smile on their little faces.

5. Disposable Cameras

Supplying your little guests with cameras is a great way of getting the kiddies involved and making them feel part of the special day. Not only this, but you’ll have some special photo memories to look forward to after the party, guaranteed to have you laughing!

6. Photo Booth

This one may not just serve the purpose of entertaining the children, but quite possibly the adults too! Talk about a win win! Contact us for our 3 styles of booths we can offer.

Holiday Prep!

As I go through the multiple (more like way too many) parcels from ASOS and missguided that I have received in the past month due to the urge to buy everything because it is simply 50% off ( a girl just can’t resist)  I decided that although I want to bring my nine new bikinis to add to the other hundred I must have (just a slight exaggeration!) they aren’t essential and at the end of the day I’m not going to the Mexican white sands to  change outfits five times a day, I’m there to soak up the sun and make memories!

So I’ve condensed (what I can down into 23kg suitcase!) my top tips for everything you’ll need for a trip to Mexico or any long distance trip you might be making this year:

1)      Vaccines for Vacation -

Generally you will need to check what vaccines you will need approximately 8 weeks before your trip to ensure that they will be effective. If you are unsure what vaccines you may need contact your local GP as most of them will be free through the NHS. For those with a fear of needles, believe me it will be over in 10 seconds and save you from a potentially ruined holiday if you did catch something.

2)      Mozzy Mania –

This is just one of the very few downfalls that comes with the Mexican palm trees and endless amounts of Piña colada’s (first world problems ayy) but there’s nothing worse than sun kissed skin and itchy mosquito bites. So I’ve made sure I’ve loaded up on Jungle Formula Maximum Aerosol Insect Repellent and Mosquito Bands (from Amazon) which can be worn in the day and have a braded bracelet effect which is stretchable making it suitable for adults and children.

3)      Flawless Skin –

We all want flawless skin both at home and on holiday but I always take advantage of not having to wear heavy foundation as once the ‘slightly red’ complexion has turned into a bronze goddess I like to maintain the tan by using nourishing moisturisers. A few of my favourites are the Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter and to sooth any burns or bites aloe vera gel will be your savour, I use Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Gel.

In terms of makeup which is definitely one of my favourite parts of getting ready on holiday either for an evening out for a relaxed dinner which can simply require no makeup at all or if you want to go for a glowy golden complexion. My go to products are MUA’s Highlighting Powder as not only does it stay on all night long but it is only £3 – yes all night makeup for that price! Another essential in humidity is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray which will keep the smokey eye smokey and the bold lip in place!

I hope this tips have helped you prepare for any place you maybe jetting off to this year!

Henna Party Pamper with Asma

Henna. A traditional body art that dates way way back to the ancient Egyptians (It's said that Cleopatra was a big fan of Henna...Go Cleo!) It is so pretty and such a lovely addition to a cute outfit. 

Growing up, any time I was exposed to Henna (I was lucky enough to have Indian neighbours who would always invite me round during Diwali to get some Henna done with them!) it was the traditional style of brown dye that once dried would peel off and leave an orange like stain in a beautiful design. I remember always looking at the women how precise & quick they would be and how freely designs would come to them. It really is a cultural talent and a unique art piece.

In April I attended a event called Table Bay (look out for details of the next one for sure an event I would recommend you attend!) where different business owners and service providers all come together under one roof to promote their brands and services for a discounted prices for attendees. 

Thats where I met Asma - she was doing a beautiful free hand henna design on a lady and it was with white ink which I had never seen before! I didn't have time to get a design done but took her details and decided I wanted to host my own girly Henna night! (As an event planner, I adore putting on little events for my friends and I love doing things we have never done before - so this for me was a perfect excuse for a get together, some wine, snacks and some to die for Henna!)

Asma was great to liaise with - she knows what she's talking about and theres no uncertainty with any questions I had to ask her. After a bit of back and forth with questions, designs and dates - we were scheduled in for a all white henna party!

The evening was so fun - the girls were getting creative with the designs they had in mind, we were in deep discussions - frequently bursting into fits of laughter and Asma fitted right in with the evening - a lovely, down to earth and bubbly character which was great. There was 16 of us and Asma managed to do great in detail designs in just over 2 hours (I even managed to squeeze in both of my hands which was great!)

We all loved it and had a great time and were very happy with our designs. With festival/wedding/party season aka summer fast approaching I would for sure recommend some henna as a perfect addition to your outfit. White henna especially is such a head turner and I had so many compliments on my design from various different people. I would say if your going on holiday for longer than a 2-3 day trip I would maybe recommend you get the darker traditional henna as it lasts a bit longer due to the henna staining your hand where as the white henna is just on the surface so doesn't last as long - so for me its perfect for a wedding day, festival, date night or cultural events. 

Asma is also really reasonably priced and travels to you - which is always handy. Here are a few pictures of the henna she did for us - but be sure to check out her instagram for all type of henna and various designs (you'll peep some celebrity hands on there too!) @henna_by_asmaali



Essentials For Every Event!

With many of us jetting off to different hot spots this summer, it is sometimes difficult to resist not packing the whole of the bathroom cupboard with lotions and potions that realistically you will not need for that “just in case” moment.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying in multiple hotels for a birthday celebration, although I knew these hotels would be providing adequate toiletries at our disposal, I still had the urge to pack as if I was going on a 2 week holiday but instead I packed ‘sensibly’ and loaded up on miniature products which are not only convenient especially for a short stay trip but I think you’ll agree anything miniature is just a thousand times cuter!

Miniature beauty products are easier to collect than you think as the beauty and body gift sets you receive at Christmas time will finally be put to use! Alternatively you can put your favourite products into small pots and bottles for a short stay or alternatively for your long haul flight essentials.

Some of my beauty essentials are by the skincare company Simple, they have full size and miniature versions of their number 1 products such as face wash, toner and moisturiser and are great for all skin types in particularly sensitive skin.

Not only are smaller products convenient for holidays (so I can pack more unnecessary pairs of shoes) but they are also ideal for your handbags when going to events from a night out with your friends to a wedding.

When going to any kind of event there are some handbag essentials I always pack, these are;

1)      Portable Charger – these are available almost everywhere, but my favourite one is by the brand Anker found on Amazon. It is lightweight and available in a range of colours and so if you want to ensure you can take memorable photos whilst at a wedding or snapchat all night long, this is a handbag must have! (Gents, they are also fit well in a trouser pocket so you’re not missing out!)

2)      Refillable Perfume – with the summer heat rising, we all want to stay and feel fresh and so having refillable perfume bottles lets you change between scents and stay smelling sweet all day. They are available from eBay as little as £2.99 but also available at Selfridges, House of Fraser and Feelunique.  

3)      Mint Spray – for any upcoming bridesmaids reading this, this is a good idea to keep in a beauty bag for the bride. As mints and chewing gum are not the best idea when countless amount of photos are being taken but she’ll still want to stay fresh for her guests and her new husband!

If it is your wedding coming up, why not think about creating a hamper with beauty miniatures that would be placed in the bathrooms at your venue so your guests can freshen up throughout the day. They are inexpensive to create as you can include any products you would need in an emergency such as bobby pins, hair bands, blotting paper, nail file and mints which are all under £2 each. Take some inspiration from these hampers below:



Cinema Screenings at Sundown...Yes Please!

As summer has started to appear (finally!), the open-air cinemas are coming...


All around Herts, Beds and Bucks, these put-up cinemas show an extensive collection of films to suit all tastes. Every genre, all age ranges and from timeless classics to present-day pictures.


This week, the Sundown Cinema showed Mamma Mia! at Ickworth House. The atmosphere of these events fills everyone with a feeling of togetherness; laughing together, crying together, it’s truly beautiful.


Many outdoor-cinema-goers come bearing blankets, but some come fully equipped, armed with deckchairs and junk-food galore! I once even witnessed a family of four carry a sofa onto the field of Hitchin Priory.. Now that’s dedication!


These nights are such a simple yet amazing idea suited to everyone; from couples to families and friends, and with complimentary popcorn handed out on arrival, there’s no reason to miss it!


Find the closest venue to you and book your tickets for your favourite flick today at www.sundowncinema.co.uk/ or visit their Facebook page.


I’m attending my favourite, Dirty Dancing, showing at Hitchin Lavender Fields on Aug 19th, the smell of lavender is an added bonus!



Meat Lovers... Your welcome!

Chips, Chicken, Steak... As a Meal or in a sandwiches?

If I have caught your attention already you will most defiantly going to appreciate this blog.
I recently visisted Tramshed Shoreditch, a HIX restaurant.

The visit was very last minute and arrange by my aunt so I had done no research into the restaurant before hand therefore had standard expectations.

From arrival to the moment we left all staff members where delighful and incredibly helpful. I must say our waitress had all the answers to our questions, not only about the menu but about the restaurants art by Damien Hirst and the histroy of the restaurant.

It was refreshing to see staff enthusatstic about their work on such a lovely bank holiday.

Now on to the food! By the way although this is very meat infused restaurant they can also cater to veggies and pesces.
However we thought we would order a range of dishes from their main menu to really try out what they have to offer so here it goes:

1 Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers
1 Yorkshire pudding with just gravy
1 portion of pork crackling
1 Roast barn-reared Indian Rock chicken with sage and onion stuffing and chips to share between 3
Chateau steak
Filet Steak Salad
Chicken and Egg a breaded escalope topped with a Burford Brown egg, anchovies and capers
3 Portions of Chips
1 portion of sage and onion stuffing
2 Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with honeycomb
Raspberry and Mango Sorbet
Credit crunch ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Disclaimer there was 6 of us not just me and my aunt! 
So we all tried bits of everything that was ordered however I did not try the crackling or livers, when something is not for you its just not.

The feedback on the cracking and livers was thumbs up all round. The chicken, chips and gravy was a great combo, cooked incredibly well that the meat was soft the whole way through with a little crunch on the outside. The chicken escalope, stuffing and Chateau steak where my favorite dishes we tried flavorful and soft. The filet steak salad was nice however I felt like there could have been a little more steak just to be able to fill you up if you was eating it alone as it is a main meal. 
Sorbets where perfection and was my choice of course, if you are not a chocolate lover do not get the chocolate mousse. I thought it may have a light chocolate flavor but it was quite rich, which was perfect for the others. Finally the credit crunch ice cream is a pudding you can not go wrong with and should meet any sweet toothers desert requirements.

Overall all 6 of us were incredibly pleased with Tramshed and will be returning in the near future.
For those with young kids, this is somewhere that not only caters to children but welcomes them with open arms and Kids aged 10 and under get a free main course when dining off the calves’ menu and accompanied by an adult dining in the restaurant. Available all week from 12-6pm. 

If any of you do visit the restaurant after reading the blog do let us know what your experience was like.

And if anyone has any restaurant you think we should review send the suggestions over!

Festival Starter Pack


What’s there not to love? Hot days, warm evenings, cocktails, holidays, friends, BBQ’s and a long list of festivals to attend!

I wanted to dedicate this blog on Festivals - where to go, what to take, what to wear and how to perfect your look!

Whats on & whos there?


Where: Bestival, Dorset.

When: 7-10th September

On the line up: The xx, A Tribe Called Quest, Dizzee Rascal, Pet Shop Boys, Jamie T, DJ Shadow, Rag'n'Bone Man, Soul II Soul, Annie Mac, Ray BLK, Stefflon Don, Toddla T, Nadia Rose, Andy C.


Where: Parklife, Manchester.

When: June 10th-11th

On the line up: Frank Ocean, 1975, Boy Better Know, A Tribe Called Quest, Sampha, Carl Cox.


Where: Glastonbury, Somerset.

When: June 21st-25th

On the line up: To be confirmed!


Where: Vfest, Chelmsford.

When: 19-20th August

On the line up: Jay-Z, Pink, Anne-Marie, Dizzee Rascal, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, Clean Bandit, Madness, Dizzee Rascal, Gorgon City, James Arthur, Jonas Blue, Sigma Live, The Vamps, The Wombats, Calum Scott, JP Cooper, Jack Savoretti, Scouting For Girls, Busted, Krept & Konan & more!


Where: Wireless, Finsbury Park, London.

When: 7-9th July

On the line up: Skepta, Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd, Nas, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, Fetty Wap, Bryson Tiller, G-Eazy, Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, Zara Larrson, Abra Cadabra, Stefflon Don, Wiz Kid and many more!


Where: 51st State, Trent Park, London.

When: 5th August

On the line up: Shola Ama, Creed, Lex Luca, Artful Dodger, Source, Purple Disco Machine, Wookie, DJ Sneak, Host & many, many more! 


Where: Eastern Electrics Festival, Modern Park, London.

When: 5th August.

On the line up: Carl Cox, Âme (DJ), Darrius Syrossian, Nick Curly, Waze and Odyssey, Alexis Raphael, Heartless Crew, Sian Anderson & more!


So now you know just a handful of the festivals that are on this summer, its now on to

what to wear!

Here’s a few outfits and accessories that I personally LOVE for this summer and the places to get them!



Tarlia Multi Sequin Plunge Playsuit.


Pretty Little Thing.




Rafella Black Faux Leather Fringe Belt


Miss pap




Melissa White Peep Toe Clear Heel Ankle Boots


Simmi Shoes




Rose Gold Metallic Chainmail Knitted Maxi Dress




Bikini Gold Chain 


Nicole x London

@nicolexlondon www.nicolexlondon.com



Diamond dancing anklet 3 row


187 Mob

 @187mob www.mobbingonthelow.com


And finally! Here are some of our favourite face and body looks to perfect your festival theme!






@AnnaLingis (Model @Katerina_Themis)

@LashRehabLondon Lashes in Style - Olivia




I hope you enjoyed this blog and get some of your festival inspiration from these looks! Tag us in anything you choose on Instagram & Twitter at @SerenityLondon


Makeup Mysteries!

With Summer, the heat, festivals and endless day outs approaching,  I thought I’d give some tips and tricks to answer all of those makeup mysteries such as “do I really need to use a primer?” and “does the spf in my makeup really make a difference?”

Step 1 - Prime!

With the hotter weather in full swing (for the meanwhile), there is not a worse feeling than looking in the mirror after only two hours of applying your makeup and finding it has somehow turned patchy, discoloured or dried particular around the eye areas. This is most likely due to the lack or incorrect primer that you maybe using on your face before you apply your base. The number one tip I can give is to moisturise, this not only creates a base layer for your foundation to sit on so that it doesn’t seep into pores but what most people assume is that moisturiser and face oils will create more spots - this is totally wrong! Spots are created through the lack of moisture and oil and so the skin creates excess oil which then creates spots - yes it might be TMI but don’t be afraid of loathing on the moisturiser! In particular moisturisers with SPF are perfect for warmer weather as it doubles up as a sun protectant.

Once you have chosen the correct moisturiser for your skin, whether that be SPF free, oil free or for sensitive skin, you have the option to use a primer. Hence the name of the product, it will prime your skin and act as another layer before your foundation is applied. If you know that you are going to be taking a lot of photos with a flash on such as a wedding or prom, it is important that your moisturiser and primer has as low or if possible no SPF as this will create a white flash on your face when the photo is taken and none of us want that. There is not just face primers but eyelash primers and eyeshadow primers are also available at both ends of the makeup market, you can find plenty of drugstore options in Boots and Superdrug but likewise more expensive brands offer their own primers. Something to remember is that primer is not necessary to your everyday makeup but generally it will elongate your makeup wear and so if you are going to a special event I would highly recommend this step!

Step 2 - Base!

Just like your primer, it is so important to find a base that is right for your skin. If your skin is on the drier side and you want a glowy complexion, Nars Sheer Glow is a perfect foundation that will create that summer glow without looking oily or shiny. Likewise if your skin is naturally more oily, going for a matte foundation such as MAC Studio Fix Fluid will keep your makeup looking perfect all day and you can easily had a glow with a highlighter.

As I mentioned with the primer step, checking whether your foundation has SPF in it will save you from those photo nightmares as a foundation with an SPF in it will create a white flash on your face which will definitely defeat the point of taking an hour (or two!) creating your perfect makeup look!

An alternative to a heavy foundation which can sometimes be irritable in the warmer months, are BB creams or tinted moisturisers. These have the same concept of foundation but the results are much lighter and is the equivilant to ‘your skin but better’. I love wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser for my everyday makeup as it is lightweight and has SPF 20. For younger skin or those who want a lighter finish, tinted moisturisers and BB creams are a great choice for weddings too!

Step 3 - Set It All In Place!

None of us wants to spend forever perfecting that contour or smokey eye look for it to smudge a few hours in and so the key to locking your makeup in is using a setting spray such as Urban Decay's line of setting sprays designed for different skins and purposes.

Most people forget to do this step but a trick that they might not know to lock that bold red lip in is…..

  1. Apply your lipliner and lipstick in as normal

  2. Hold a thin tissue against your lips

  3. With a brush, tap it into your finishing powder and dust off the excess

  4. Gently tap the brush on top of the tissue so that is covers all of your lips

  5. Drink and eat to your heart's content knowing your lipstick will stay in place!

I hope these tips and tricks helped you!  

(all images sourced from Pinterest)

Marrying Abroad? 4 Top Tips To Remember

Marrying Abroad: 4 Top Tips to remember!

Getting married is an exciting time, which is why it is sometimes easy to forget the tiny details;

especially when marrying abroad! So here are some tips to make sure you don’t forget, giving

you time to focus on the fun parts of your special day like that delicious cake and that jaw-

dropping dress...

1. Visit First!

Lots of people have a dream destination for their perfect wedding day, however, it’s always a

good idea if your budget can allow you to visit the specific place you want your wedding to be in

advance. This will allow you to check out ceremony and reception venues first, as well as meet

suppliers, hairdressers and makeup stylists to give you peace of mind for your big day. Lots of

them allow you to do a trial before your wedding day too!


We all know marrying abroad is a beautiful way to spend your day, with picturesque backdrops

and beautiful weather, however, when marrying abroad, you should consider the climate in other

ways. For example, when choosing your wedding dress. Choosing dresses made of heavy or

thick materials such as satin may cause you discomfort if your destination is a warm country.

Lightweight materials such as chiffon could be perfect to keep you looking glamorous and keep

you cool at the same time. The same rule goes for your hair and makeup, avoid heavy products

and find anti-humidity makeup to help.

3. Important Documents

All of us would rather be focusing on the beautiful beaches or the sunny weather, but there are

lots of documents you will need when planning to marry abroad. These include; Birth

Certificates, Valid 10-year Passports, Affidavit/Statutory declarations, Confirmation of single

status (in case of previous divorce, Decree Absolute) and in some countries if you are of a

young age, parental consent (some destinations need you to be 21 and over without this). Also

check the length of time you have to be in the country before you are allowed to marry, as some

destinations require you to have a Visa. The best way to check is contacting the relevant

embassy with all your questions.


It’s important to remember, for everyone traveling to your wedding, that some countries

recommend getting different vaccinations for your own safety. The further away and the more

tropical, the more likely you are to need boosters or new vaccinations. Common vaccinations

include Cholera, Typhoid and Hepatitis A. Most common vaccinations are available free of

charge from the NHS, but be sure to check which are needed for your chosen destination by

visiting your GP, or use the helpful information displayed on the NHS website.

To help plan your wedding abroad, get in contact with the Serenity London Events team today! events@serenitylondon.co.uk 




Wedding Rehearsals Top Tips!

As Wedding Season is now upon us! We wonder how many of you have Wedding Rehearsals booked in?

Many may think what is required from your bridal and Groomsmen parties is pretty straight forward however you would be surprised with the little things you would be whispering on the day to get everyone on the same page.

So I thought I would put together a check list of things to cover and key elements to have during rehearsals:

1.       The key things to rehearse are; The Entrances to the Church, The Entrances to the Venue, Where everyone is sitting and Everyone’s jobs on the day if they have any.

2.       Have all music ready in order that they will play on the day

3.       Speak through the ceremony headings. Take a look at the ceremony draft and read through the headings aloud, so everyone knows roughly the order of the ceremony.

4.       When practising the church entrance be sure to cover all details such as step speed and end positions. Many people always end up walking to the inner spots rather than outer.

5.       For the venue entrance it is vital you go over the path with your party, it becomes daunting as the hit the stage therefore common sense may not be so common in that moment

6.       Ensure the music for the entrances has a little extra time as there may be some delays on the day and you would not want the music stopping before all your party is out.

7.       Allocate the last couple entering the church and hall to count everyone in.

8.       Run though the jobs of each person on the day, we highly encourage this as come 9am wedding day morning you the Bride and Groom will be thinking of everything else besides the small details that need to be done.

9.       If you can Brides practice a toilet run with your selected people in your dress. This may sound funny to some of you however with no run through on the day it could become a panic!

10.   Finally encourage questions from everyone! This way there are no questions on the day that you may find stressful to answer.

When booking a wedding with Serenity London Events there is not an element of your wedding we do not think about and cover. We pride ourselves on constantly thinking how to execute perfection.

Our books for 2018 & 19 are now open. 
We offer the full Wedding Planning service however we are also available for just décor enquires. 
Keep an eye out for the new Weddings page launching on our website in June! 



Cocktails in the City

There is always something exciting and glamourous about going for a few drinks (which tends to turn into a lot more than just a few) in the city of London but for most people the question is where do I even go?

There are so many parts of London that offer different drinking experiences, for the more relaxed Sunday afternoon beer garden atmosphere, Camden and Soho offer some unique pubs and cocktail bars.

One being Lockside in Camden which not only has a traditional open brickwork interior but it also has a terrace looking over the Lock - if you’re lucky enough to find a spot on a sunny day, then pairing it up with one of the many cocktails they offer (see the jam jar cocktail below) you have a perfect day planned.


For those who want to swap the Lock to their Louboutins, there also many cocktail bars on the other side of London which let you get all dolled up but are also in prime location for after work drinks.



One being Steam and Rye, this Bank based location makes it easy to not only get to but to also carry on the night wherever that might be. It is an American themed dining bar with live music and on the right night you can even find a rodeo bull. It is set up so that when you arrive you step into “New York’s Grand Central Station” in which there are tables that you can book for either drinks or enjoy a meal from their menu which offer American classics such as burgers and mac and cheese, but they also offer Lobster.



Although I have dined at Steam and Rye once before, in which my experience was one of the nicest I have received as all waitresses were willing to help you and the food exceeded my expectations ( I recommend the sirloin steak!) But what everybody really goes for are the amazing cocktails they offer!



After visiting multiple times I have managed to cut down to my top 5 cocktails; 1)“5$ Shake” - a vodka based cocktail with whipped cream, oreos and a fab ice lolly (what more could you want), 2)“Freedom Martini” - an alternative to a Pornstar Martini as this contains Lejay Blackberry and Pineapple, 3)“George Washington” - yes it is in fact served in a GW moulded cup! 4)“Juan Direction” - a tequila based cocktail that also has a proud ‘I love one direction’ flag in it (this is definitely one for the super fans) 5)”No Filter” - if you haven’t had a cocktail served in a camera lense before then where have you been, this gin cocktail contains Violette Bitters and bubblegum so it is the perfect balance of sharpness and sweetness.



Not only do they offer 20 of their own unique cocktails but the barmen are more than happy to make your favourite classic cocktail or to even make a cocktail up there and then. I would recommend this cocktail spot to everyone and anyone as the service is always to a top level - that includes the staff and cocktails! All cocktails are priced at a standard City price of £9-£12 which is what is expected but why not make the most of their happy hour which is half price cocktails and £4.50 beers between 5pm-7pm every day!


Whilst you are in the area, in fact it is only next door, Vodka Revolution is another bar which have classic cocktails with a twist on them such as a cherry mojito served in a bag gathered by a bow - I promise it worth the trip!


The real selling point for Vodka Revolution is the shot sticks, ranging from 1 shot to 10 shots. But these are not your normal flavours, there are 30 choices ranging from bubblegum and birthday cake to peanut butter & jelly and rhubarb and custard. I visited on a Thursday evening and although it wasn’t bombarded with city workers, there was still a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere. Although it is only open during weekdays as the weekend offer private hire, I would definitely want to get a group of friends together to experience one of their cocktail making classes.

As the bank holiday begins, why not take a trip to the places I have suggested as you certainly won’t be disappointed!




Country Club Dinning

Over the weekend I visited Trent Park Country Club for a light dinner and some drinks.

This was my first time visiting the Country Club for dinner and I was looking forward to it as I have heard good things.

The menu is pretty simple, the cuisine is American-Grill however it is not your TGIs (I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY).

Between the group we ordered Prawns, Cheese Burgers and Chicken Burgers; and there is nothing we can fault.

The Chicken burger was delicious and a real chicken breast which is always a pleasure to see in a with all the fake food that is shoved in our faces.

The prawns where cooked to perfection and the sweet chilli sauce was a great compliment to them. I did not personally eat the Cheese Burger however I was told it was delish.

We did not get our sweet potatoes fries as they had run out but the chunky chip where a good replacement.

The only con I found in the meal was the small side salad that came with the prawns, a larger salad would have been great and there was no dressing on the salad or any that came in small pots with the meal so we had to wait for the waitress to bring some. Not that it was a long wait we just was drooling over the prawns and wanted to tuck in.

The service by the staff was pleasant and the bar staff are incredibly good at what they do, one to many Hurricanes later I didn’t need any desert.

We tried the passion fruit martini’s and Daiquiri and I must say they tasted better than the cocktails I had the week before in the city.

I was also very shocked yet pleased when a bar tender over heard a conversation about driving and asked if any of us was driving as he mixes quite a bit of rum into a hurricane so would have to advice we don’t have another.

That kind of service proved the staff at the country club not only care about their work but about the guests they serve and for that I will be a regular customer.

Overall a lovely service and a reasonably priced menu, as they grow I look forward to seeing the menu grow in variety!

Join the Drink Up club!

For those who haven't already heard of Drink Up (which is pretty hard as I feel as though everywhere I turn or see a red cup, there's usually a Drink Up logo soon to follow) they are an alcohol delivery service who also specialise in personalising red cups for any event (literally). 

Drink Up started purely as an alcohol delivery service, (you drink, they drive) delivering bottles of exclusive and essential alcohol for the weekends for your gatherings, parties or just a girly night in when either the shops were closed, you couldn't be bothered to get up or you don't/or are over the limit to drive to the shop. Their selling point for me for sure is the range of alcohol they have; flavours and brands that you know you just cant get in your local off licence or supermarket that you would have to travel to specialist suppliers to get your hands on. With every order you get some Drink Up red cups complimentary (how great, delivered alcohol AND you don't have to worry about washing up, perfect!) 

With the demand and popularity of the company growing, they decided to expand on what they offer; giving not only Drink Up signature red cups but now the ability to personalise them with pictures and/or typing specific for your event. As you can imagine as an event planner I was all over this! I love anything thats personalised for events, for me it gives your event a signature, something that no other event would of had, or could have. 

The personalised cups have become a huge hit with their customers creating a huge buzz even if your not planning on drinking alcohol from them. 

They have also recently adapted their logo to make it 'child friendly' replacing the 'i' with a baby bottle, perfect for christenings, gender reveal, baby showers & children's birthdays.

I also have the inside scoop that their new venture is to offer various different colour cups as well as their signature red which I cannot wait for! 

We love using Drink Up for our events and our clients events, they are professional, affordable and have a fantastic turn around period for design proofs and deliveries (which is always handy). 

Check them out or get into contact with us today to have some personalised cups for your special event, wether it be birthday, engagement, stag do, hen do, wedding reception, bridal shower, company/product launch, children related events, graduations, anniversaries and many more!

We have a special code for discount off personalised Red Cups using Serenity London code SLCUPS20 for 20% off your personalised cup order! (thank us later) 

Below are some images from their impressive catalogue, but do check out their social media and website for full information.

Serenity are for sure in the Drink Up club, are you?




Date Night For 'Everyman'

When I heard there was such a thing of a cinema with comfy seats, these being large sofas and armchairs with cushions and footrests, I was instantly sold. Who wouldn’t want to feel relaxed with the home style cinema effect – it also gives you an excuse to  doze off if you’ve been dragged to see a film by your friend or partner.

So when I visited the Everyman cinema in Chelmsford my expectations were set pretty high especially as the company refer themselves as an “independent network of boutique cinemas” in which you’re paying double the price compared to more well known cinema brands such as Vue.

My expectations were definitely met and that wasn’t just based on the comfort of the velvet sofas! The aesthetics of the foyer area mirrored a relaxed bar you would find in the City, in which the classic cocktails such as mojito’s and daiquiri’s were half price all day everyday – that definitely gained brownie points for me.

The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, even showing us to our sofa despite there being nobody else in the cinema when we arrived. One of Everyman’s unique selling point is  the service of ordering from the wide range of drinks options available including sweet & salted popcorn milkshakes and also the food options which vary from cinema classics such as popcorn and sweets to pizza’s, burgers, nachos and flatbreads. Once ordered at the bar, it is then served to you during your film.

With it being my first time at an Everyman cinema, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a twist on the cinema date idea, whether that be with a friend, partner or by yourself. Not only do they screen blockbuster movies but likewise National Theatre Live, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Opera House and more.

If you’re thinking of hosting your own film night or want a cinema themed event such as your child’s birthday or even for a press launch, Everyman cinemas have a private hire option. Having venues ranging from Muswell Hill, Belsize Park and Barnet to Bristol and Leeds, no wonder it is becoming a popular choice for “Everyman”.

Take some inspiration from these movie themed cupcakes that we can provide for any occasion!

Hey Hey Print

Having busy weeks and back to back deadlines can usually drive you a tad crazy by the end of the month, but having business partners that ease tge stress is always a blessing for us!

All out print work is done by the fabulous team at Hey Print. No matter the deadline they always seem to get the job done all great quality.

The guys at Hey Print truly care about each and every product that leaves their shop.  With great prices, even better quality and customer service its a no brainer to try them out for any of your printing needs.

Check out their website www.heyprint.co.uk, call on 020 8889 5101 or email info@heyprint.co.uk.

Ask for Evrim & tell him Serenity sent you! 

Thank us later x


Gender Reveals

Gender reveal parties. Parties that reveal the gender of your unborn child. This is a craze that has originated from America (similar to popular baby showers). It is a fun and sweet way to let your loved one know which baby grow colours to start buying! 

There are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, including balloon popping, cake slicing and having your family pet run in with the gender coloured balloons attached to his collar (no really we are not joking) 

These parties can take quite a bit of planning, especially when the expectant mother and father don't want to find out the gender until the reveal too! (Its so much more fun that way). 

At Serenity London we can offer a full service gender reveal to take the weight off Mummy and Daddy shoulders and ensure a stress free and magical night for all the family. 

We recently planned a fun gender reveal where the guests were asked to choose which 'team' they were on based on their prediction of what they thought the baby was going to be to add a little more fun and competitiveness to the evening which really gave it a great feel. 

We used pink and blue coloured lemonade and personalised cups from the guys down at Drink Up to make it possible! (They have a baby/child friendly logo especially for baby showers, children's birthdays, christenings and gender reveals now which is great!)

Below are some examples of different gender reveal event ideas for any expectant mothers out there! Pass this on!


Pick Me Ups

With January and February always causing those winter blues, March always tends to put a spring into my step (pardon the pun) as flowers are starting to bloom and with the sun finally making an appearance (when it feels like it). I can’t help but look forward to evenings in beer gardens, hosting family BBQ’s and of course summer holidays jetting off to white sands and cocktails galore!

But before I daydream too much into what the rest of the year has planned for me – including the amazing upcoming events we have here at Serenity London (don’t forget to check out all of our social media to keep updated) I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cassie and I am one of Serenity’s Interns who has had the pleasure in joining the team.

This new opportunity for my career has been the pick me up I have needed and I’m certainly not suggesting that you need to make a drastic change in your career, in fact it’s the smallest of things that make the difference not only if you are trying to make physical changes but the following suggestions will indeed allow for a more positive outlook.

The first ‘pick me up’ is something so simple yet can either go so right or so wrong.

And yes I’m talking about brows!

Brows by Lois is my go to HD brow stylist especially as I am very fair-headed and so the brow game always seems to be so much harder to keep up but none the less Lois always fixes me up with the best and most natural look to suit my complexion. Keeping them bushy like Cara Delevingne, defined and thick like the Kardashian’s or if you feel more comfortable with slightly thinner brows, then this professional is a woman you need on speed dial when those brows are getting too out of hand!

If being able to feel like you can fall asleep whilst getting this type of  treatment isn’t already good enough, she also offers individual lash treatments at such reasonable prices for the quality and the ease she puts you at.

A small change like this can really boost confidence especially if you have had horror stories in the past.

Here are some photos of her work from her Instagram @browsbylois:

The second ‘pick me up’ is changing your exercise routine and I don’t mean increasing the amount of times you go to the gym per work, in fact is has been proven that changing the type of exercise you do every six weeks actually allows for more results.

And not the physical ones either, I recently took up yoga and I have found the changes on my mental health and well being astonishing. It allows you to have the ‘me’ time we all tend to neglect especially in the hectic lives we all lead.

Somewhere I am hoping to take my zen to the next level is at one of the Sky-High Yoga Class at The View from The Shard which is definitely the definition of views!

It is a one hour class held by Yogasphere’s Mandy Jhamat (named “one of the UK’s top yoga teachers” by Marie Claire) and Harley Street wellbeing coach Leo Lourdes. The price of the ticket also includes a 30 minutes pass to enjoy the incredible view of London’s skyline  which I have been lucky enough to view multiple times.

The Shard also hold other events such as their Silent Discos, which combined with the yoga in the morning could be part of a upcoming Hen Do or Birthday Celebration package that Serenity London could personally create which would leave you and your guests treasuring those memories for a lifetime!

With Easter only a month away, supermarkets and shops are bombarding us with as much chocolate as possible and although we all know it isn’t the essence of what Easter is about, it does allow us to treat those sweet teeth!

The third ‘pick me up’ is indulgence, whether that be in your favourite restaurant, a glass of wine or for me, chocolate is my go to!

And for all those chocoholics out there, Choccywoccydoodah (based in Carnaby Street and Brighton) will be your idea of heaven!

As you enter the shop and get directed upstairs to the ‘bar du chocolat’, (note there might be a small wait as they do not take reservations, but it is so worth it), the inner child within you will not be able to hide!

The menu exceeds expectations with different variations on classic favourites such as peanut butter milkshakes and chocolate guinness cake. When I visited around Christmas time, between three chocoholics we were defeated by the amount we ordered (you can see all the glory in the photo below). I would definitely recommend the strawberry and white chocolate truffle milkshake and the chocolate everything cake - which will fulfill every expectation!

Despite the bar du chocolat being small in size, the service was not lacking as all the staff were happy to answer any questions about the extensive menu they offer. They also provide vegetarian and vegan options as all of their chocolate is vegetarian and dark chocolate is vegan!

I hope you enjoyed these pick me up’s! If you choose any of the above to Pick You Up this March, please upload and tag us in any pictures on Instagram/Facebook or Twitter!

Twitter: @SerenityLondon

Instagram: @SerenityLondon

Facebook Page: Serenity London Events 

C x