Around the world in 190 minutes! WTM 2016

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the 2016 World Travel Market by Reed Expo.

What a successful visit! We meet lovely people that we plan to build a long lasting working relationship with and we travelled round the world in just 3 hours... If only but it was close enough! 

 The event is always eye catching and mezmorising & this year was no different. A round if aplause to each country and their efforts & execution. Asia & South America & Africa always find ways to amaze me Panama, Indonesia, India, Bolivia and Costa Rica paid such detail to every corner of there stand.

The flow of the event was great I didnt feel like I missed anything out that I needed to see and I did not feel cramped or clautraphobic. The spacing between stands is very important, being that little bit to close can make visitors feel overwheled and like there is too much going on.

The staff at each stand where really helpful and welcoming. They all knew what was happening at their booths and surroundings. The only staff that let the event down had to be the entrance staff who were abit abrupt, but that did not ruin the event.

So my favourite part of the event was most definatly meeting people from all walks of the world with such different experience in the travel industry, however trying the different foods and drinks came very very close behind.

Im going to be completly honest (fingers crossed my trainer does not read this) I loved trying the different rums from Cuba and Ginger mix from Indonesia, the chocolate in Belgium was obviously to die for (and I am not a chocolate lover) the chips in Holland where so moreish I litterally had to avoid the stand at all cost but once again Costa Rica and their Snow Cones (Heaven for my taste buds!).

Anyone who works in the travel industry or closely with who did not attend truly missed out; unless they were to busy actually travelling of course. I also advise anyone interested in opening a hotel or bespoke travel agents to definatly attend next year.

Im super excited for what 2017 is going to bring for Serenity working more closely with the travel industry.

If you are interested in hosting coporate or private events (wedding, engagement, birthday or anniversary) abroad, check out blogs and social media regularly for announcements!  

We will be visiting Dubai in Feb so keep your eyes peeled for Restaurant, Activity and Venue reviews.  

Have a great week!

S x


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