Cruz Bueno | 19th May 2016

On the 19th May both Serenity Directors had the pleasure of attending the Cruz Bueno fashion show for the launch of 3 new collections.

The British based, Portuguese Born brand was in founded in 2011 by the Creative and Artistic Director & Head Designer Lucas Cruz Bueno.

After attending one show we were able to see that Lucas is a talented designer with great attention to detail in both his clothing and events.

The venue complimented the show perfectly; the high selling’s created an element of space and movement, the simplistic art on entrance and the wall embellishments gave the venue a touch of design and colour but not too much that over powered the show, the large fire places gave the feeling of structure and elegance and the large white walls complimented by your ‘fashion show’ white benches and bright lights allowed the collections to truly POP.
Each seat had a brochure about the brand, a hand out illustrating the run of the show and acknowledgement to those involved, a complimentary bottle of FIGI water (My favourite) and a very charming and creative pendent of the Cruz Bueno Logo (for those who do not know the logo is a combination of Greek writing, Grecian patterns and Lucas’s face LOVE!)
I also must say compliments to the DJ, we did shazamed the whole show. The music was powerful and our favourite song of the evening had to be Retrograde by James Blake.

The show opened with the first of two women’s collection the ‘Red Label’, this label truly is Pret-A-Porter and displayed stunning oversize jackets that I suggested all fashion lovers purchase! Quality and style that can be worn all year round.

The White label for menswear shortly followed. Texture, Movement, Layers and Pattern are the words I would describe the collection. The daring collection would be worn by a confident and expressive gentleman that appreciates the art of clothing.

My favourite part of the show had to be the beginning of the final collection, which was opened by a short piece of contemporary ballet. The dancer was stunning and carried the clothing extremely well while performing; the unexpected had the audience in shock and delight.

The final collection was my favourite of the three; I felt there was something for every type of fashion loving lady. The range of materials used deserves a round of applause in its self and the colours where seasonless!

At the end of the event I had to tell Lucas that my summer wardrobe must have every single bralet showcased in the third collection! To what he responded ‘I am glad, the collection was made for cool girls like you’ Thank you Lucas for making the night!
Once the show had finished the guests where welcomed into an old style library for drinks.

A clever touch to this section of the evening was the 6 models placed in a circle in the center of the room standing still like Apollos’ beautiful Grecian ladies. This tied in very well with the logo both in representing wholeness, fluidity and revolution as well as strength and beauty.

It was a pleasure attending this show with Helly ( and we wish Lucas and the brand all the best!

Be sure to check out the collections at
Photos by
Cesar Antonis photography

S x