Serenity London Launch

So after a year of being in business, we decided with the birth of our new sister company Serenity London Event Staffing, January 2016 would be the best time to launch Serenity London Group.

Having a launch event for any business is always beneficial - it creates awareness.

As event planners, this was a joy for us (even though planning an Event for ourselves actually proved harder than for a client - who knew we were so fussy?!)

With the help of all of our business partners, we were able to come together to create an event with all the factors - and chic venue in the heart of Chelsea, versatile DJs, an amazing sweet-cart, some pretty stunning centerpieces, a high tech photo-booth, a magician that will have you questioning your eyesight, alcohol bubbling all night long, a goody-bag full of samples, vouchers and information, and of course, the best mini cupcakes, brownies and fruit tarts you will ever try!

As well as inviting our closest family and friends, this event was more for networking and meeting new faces - and that we did!

We had the pleasure of meeting many individuals from all different working backgrounds, from fashion to tech, fitness, mechanics, marketing, advertising, bloggers and many more.

It was wonderful to meet with like minded business individuals and to hear their stories, hopes and plans for the future.

So, if you have a business or product and have yet to have or even thought of having an official launch, our advice to you - do it!

Put yourself out there, be confident in your brand that you want to introduce it to the world, you never know what could come out of a single encounter with a new face!

So here’s Serenity’s top tips for your launch:

1- Timing - make sure you/your team/your product is where it needs to be before launching, don’t rush - these things take time, but when the time is right, go for it!

2- Attention to detail - the small touches can make the biggest difference. The extra you put in can be what you get out. Give everyone who has taken the time to attend your launch something to remember. With us this wasn't hard as event planning and detail is what we do - but in whatever field, show off your talent and abilities in any way you can. The effort and lengths you go to even show the passion you have in your business and it will sell not only you but your services. 

3- Who attends - Now this one's a biggie. Make sure you think long and hard about the audience you’re attracting. As much as you know you could probably fill up a room with your friends and family - that’s not the objective. Think about potential clients/customers, reach out to like-minded business, individuals that you would like in your network.

4- Make sure your guests leave with something - We provided a gift bag for our guests, as well as packing it full of goodies and vouchers from different companies - the most important piece of content for us was providing everyone who attending with our 2016 brochure.This brochure included all of the relevant information about our company and all of our contact details in a sleek, modern booklet.

5- If in doubt of any of the above and feel like you wouldn’t know when to start - email us at :)