The Only Way Is Uber

Whether you need a way to the airport, a way back from a festival or want to pop to your friends of a night, it seems as though the new age way of transport is Uber!

For those who don’t know, Uber Taxi is an American multinational online taxi dispatch company headquartered in San Francisco, California, and work in all regions in a world. Uber was founded in 2009 and you use the service via an app.

So it’s as simple as this, you download the app, create an account using your email address and billing information and you’re pretty much good to go! Using location services on your phone, your app is able to pick up where you are and all you have to do is put in the postcode of where you need to be. The app will then locate you a nearby driver and give you an estimated time until arrival.

As event planners, we find we are in often need of a taxi. Going to and from venues and meetings with clients,  especially when they are in the central London area in the day as the congestion charge can be pricey as well as parking and public transport is no help when you have a lot to carry! Uber has been our favoured way of transport due to the efficiency of the drivers, the quick and easy way to book a cab on the move and also the competitive prices that they offer!

Below are our top 5 reasons why we think you should use an Uber to get to and from all the best events this summer!

 1. Safety - Uber provide you with the make and number plate of the taxi and also a picture of your driver (which does give you that extra bit of security...and helps the prevention of the embarrassment of  trying to get into a strangers car asking them to get you to wireless as quick as they can) We encourage you to always share these details if you are alone.

2. Reassurance - The app provides you with a live map where you can track the car to see where abouts they are...So there is no excuse to leave them outside waiting! This gives you control and reassurance before the taxi has even reached you.

3. Convenience - There is no need to have to make an extra stop to a cashpoint on your journey if you don’t have cash; Uber is linked to your debit card using paypal and once you are at your destination you can hop out and the payment comes out automatically! Wait! It gets better - if you’re riding with a friend, the app also gives you the option to split the fair with the ease of a click! Simple, fast and effective

4. Professionalism - At Uber drivers earn their reputation - At the end of your journey you will be asked to rate your driver out of 5 stars…this is to do with his performance, attitude, driving and overall experience in the ride (that means having a clean and pleasant smelling car!). This is a way for Uber to keep track on their drivers and the experiences they are providing. If the driver has a high rating it means they are consistent in their work, however a regular low rating driver will be flagged up to Uber and handled with.  

5. Discount - Last but not least, the reason we think you should sign up and use Uber this summer, is because you can earn your first free ride from Serenity London Events! We have teamed up with Uber and are offering you a free ride up to £15 using our code SLEUBER15. We hope that you enjoy using Uber and have your first free ride on us!




K x