Visiting Venice?

One of the reason I feel in love with the world of events is because you learn about many different cultures and taste delish food, you travel to new places domestically and internationally and meet people from all walks of life.

During my days in PR I worked with a lovely Italian expat who was originally from Mestre. On one of our many lunch outings she showed me her wedding pictures that took place in Venice. I instantly feel in love.

Over the weekend I finally visited the fascinating city and I thought I would share some must I take away from my trip.

Here is my list that I hope whom ever is reading finds useful. 

  1.  Warning there are very few hotels you can get a Gondala or water taxi directly outside so be prepared to carry your suitcase for a few minutes walk at the minimum. Do not stay just anywhere! Make sure it is central to the places you want to visit.
  2. My favorite meals were at the restaurants we came across on our walks to different monuments. Eating at Piazza San Marco was expensive and no where near as delicious as the restaurants further out.
  3. Osteria al Portego... THE BEST cicchetti. 
  4. Chat Qui Rit is the place to visit if your a desert wine lover
  5.  Vineria all'Amarone is a fantastic place to sit and try a wide variety of wines, bruchetta and talk to some of the lovely locals. The staff where extreamly welcoming.
  6. One of my favorite meals was at Nuovo Galeon in Castello
  7. Visiting the fish market is a must, eating at a restaurant close by will be the best place for any seafood dish.
  8. If you decide you are only going to ride a gondola once, I recommend the Grand Canal route.
  9. Visit Acqua & Mais for amazing Venetian Street Food
  10. For amazing fresh juices cross the Rialto Bridge into San Polo. They have a number of little stools selling freshly made juices. You will return once a day every day your there! 

If you have read this and feel inspired to visit do let us know. However if you are reading this blog and thinking of a destination wedding, birthday or corporate event email us at as we have a number of destination venues we having working relations with.

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