Kera Care Love!

It has been two months since I started using the Kera Care Winter package.

I never use one set of shampoo and masks at once just because I have found if my hair gets to use to products it tends to not work as well.

So I decide to alternate between Kera Care and my other Shampoo and Mask; however for the 6 weeks I only used the Kera Care essential oils and these last two weeks I mixed in a little Black Seed Oil.

The shampoo has left my hair feeling very clean and not too stiff; I decided to put a few drops of the essential oils in the shampoo to just give my hair that extra softness after shampoo and it seemed to work well.

The mask worked really well with my hair and gave it a soft bounce. I then used the mask for heat treatments and kept it in for 3 hours and this made my curls pop!

On a bi-weekly basis I done a heat treatment and alternate weeks a mask treatment.

Having curly hair I tend to use more masks and conditioners over shampoos, I have just found my curls look better and my hair feels softer and more moistened.

So the essential oils, this may have been the best product I could have started using in November. It has made my ends feel a lot stronger and unlike the 100% coconut oil I used to use it keeps my whole hair soft and shinny throughout the day.

I have used this oil during my natural hair days and after getting a blow dry and found it stopped my hair frizzing!

I also used the oil as a hot oil treatment the day before blow drying my hair and I can honestly say my hair has never looked so shinny and thick.

Although I have very curly hair it has become quite fine due to all the types of extensions I have used in the past however these last two months my hairdressers and family have passed comments about my hair looking thicker. Now I put this down to my ends looking a lot healthier.

I started mixing the essential oils with the black seed oil just because I have been reading a number of benefits with the oil, so I have altered my routine to alternate the days. When I did my last heat treatment on Sunday I mixed the oils for the first time and I just found the texture was still soft but my curls where not as tight.

That can be a pro or con depending on your preference however I now know heavier oils make the curl loser which may be great just before getting a blow dry as it will make it easier to do.

Overall I will always use essential oils, the mask is going to continue to be in my rota of masks throughout the year and the shampoo was nice but not my favourite shampoo that I have ever tried.

For ladies with curly or thick hair I defiantly recommend the above.