Meat Lovers... Your welcome!

Chips, Chicken, Steak... As a Meal or in a sandwiches?

If I have caught your attention already you will most defiantly going to appreciate this blog.
I recently visisted Tramshed Shoreditch, a HIX restaurant.

The visit was very last minute and arrange by my aunt so I had done no research into the restaurant before hand therefore had standard expectations.

From arrival to the moment we left all staff members where delighful and incredibly helpful. I must say our waitress had all the answers to our questions, not only about the menu but about the restaurants art by Damien Hirst and the histroy of the restaurant.

It was refreshing to see staff enthusatstic about their work on such a lovely bank holiday.

Now on to the food! By the way although this is very meat infused restaurant they can also cater to veggies and pesces.
However we thought we would order a range of dishes from their main menu to really try out what they have to offer so here it goes:

1 Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers
1 Yorkshire pudding with just gravy
1 portion of pork crackling
1 Roast barn-reared Indian Rock chicken with sage and onion stuffing and chips to share between 3
Chateau steak
Filet Steak Salad
Chicken and Egg a breaded escalope topped with a Burford Brown egg, anchovies and capers
3 Portions of Chips
1 portion of sage and onion stuffing
2 Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with honeycomb
Raspberry and Mango Sorbet
Credit crunch ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

Disclaimer there was 6 of us not just me and my aunt! 
So we all tried bits of everything that was ordered however I did not try the crackling or livers, when something is not for you its just not.

The feedback on the cracking and livers was thumbs up all round. The chicken, chips and gravy was a great combo, cooked incredibly well that the meat was soft the whole way through with a little crunch on the outside. The chicken escalope, stuffing and Chateau steak where my favorite dishes we tried flavorful and soft. The filet steak salad was nice however I felt like there could have been a little more steak just to be able to fill you up if you was eating it alone as it is a main meal. 
Sorbets where perfection and was my choice of course, if you are not a chocolate lover do not get the chocolate mousse. I thought it may have a light chocolate flavor but it was quite rich, which was perfect for the others. Finally the credit crunch ice cream is a pudding you can not go wrong with and should meet any sweet toothers desert requirements.

Overall all 6 of us were incredibly pleased with Tramshed and will be returning in the near future.
For those with young kids, this is somewhere that not only caters to children but welcomes them with open arms and Kids aged 10 and under get a free main course when dining off the calves’ menu and accompanied by an adult dining in the restaurant. Available all week from 12-6pm. 

If any of you do visit the restaurant after reading the blog do let us know what your experience was like.

And if anyone has any restaurant you think we should review send the suggestions over!