6 ways to keep children entertained at weddings

We all know how hard it is to entertain kids at home for a couple of hours, let alone for the whole day at a wedding when your attention is elsewhere; so here are a few handy tips and ideas to help keep the kiddies happy on your wedding day…

  1. The Children's Table

Having a table specifically for the young ones on your day is a great way to keep them entertained and all together in one place, giving their mums and dads a chance to relax and get involved with the adult activities; having things such as crayons to colour in a wedding-themed table cloth, or sweeties to decorate their own cookies are some ideas!

2. Chocolate Fountain

What goes together better than children and chocolate?! I’ll wait… Keep the kids entertained for hours in the evening with a variety of fruit and marshmallows for them to dip in throughout the night.. Seconds anyone?

3. Childrens Entertainer

If you have a large number of children attending your special day, why not consider hiring a popular kids character to keep them occupied during important moments. Elsa, or Spider-Man.. That’s the hard part of the decision, I’d let the kids vote if I were you!

4. Party Packs

Having special and personalised boxes or favours for the young ones is a great little gift to them, not to mention the contents can keep them busy for hours! Including things like games, colouring tools, glow sticks or even bubbles to put a smile on their little faces.

5. Disposable Cameras

Supplying your little guests with cameras is a great way of getting the kiddies involved and making them feel part of the special day. Not only this, but you’ll have some special photo memories to look forward to after the party, guaranteed to have you laughing!

6. Photo Booth

This one may not just serve the purpose of entertaining the children, but quite possibly the adults too! Talk about a win win! Contact us for our 3 styles of booths we can offer.