4 Things to do in London before Summer is over!

As any Londoner would tell you our fabulous city not only offers diverse dinning, social spots and clothing shops; you may also be lucky enough to witness four seasons in one day!

Although the city caters well to all weathers there are just some activities that are best to do when the sun is shining.

Below is our list of 4 of our favorite things we have done this summer and we recommend you do before the frosty winter is upon us!

  1.  Pergola on the Roof-  a Mediterranean rooftop eatery
    Recommended for a chilled day out full of a selection of good food & wine

    Thursday 26 May – Sunday 29 August 2016
    Multi-Storey Car Park,Television Centre, Wood Lane, W12 7RJ


  2. Views at Japanese Garden- a luxe rooftop bar and shisha lounge with live DJ
    Recommended for those looking for an excuse to dress up and let your hair down

    Rooftop of Rafayel Hotel, 34 Lombard Road, London SW11 3RF

  3. Filthy Fanny’s, The Crown and Shuttle- Pop up beach bar offering food and fun filled alcoholic slushy
    Recommended for those looking to relive their recent vaction to Miami's Wet Willies and relax

    Running until 17th September

    226 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6PJ
  4. Birdies- Rooftop Crazy Golf (feeling like NYC)
    Recommended for the competitors looking for something to do while sipping on fantastic cocktails

    Floors 7 & 8, Stratford Multi Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Way, E15 1XE


We hope you get a chance to visit all these lovely places London has to offer this summer.
Share with us your thoughts and any other places you have been this summer that you think is worth visiting.

Enjoy x


Snapchat Geofilter


The new craze that just keeps getting better and better every update right? Recently every other display picture and upload has a snapchat filter huh? (That darn dog!)

As much as we may moan or claim we’re so bored of seeing these filters everywhere...truth is...we can’t get enough right now!

As event planners we’re ALWAYS on the lookout for something special, different and personalised that we could add to each event we do. Then along came Snapchat geofilters. Now this isn’t no flower headband... this is a filter designed just for you for your special event..ONLY.

To create a geofilter snap consists of 3 things: 

1. A vision 

2. A PNG file

3. A desired location and time frame for the filter. 

PNG files can be made on applications such as photoshop and do require quite and bit of knowledge on the software to be able to make a good file in order to upload. Snapchat also have size requirements for the filter which means you have to fiddle about with dimensions and pixels to ensure you meet the standards, which is not always the simplest task. 

With this is mind, we decided to make your life easier, and your events greater!

We have teamed up with the lovely guys at Dream Random (who do most of our amazing artwork) so if you did want a filter for your event, all you’d need to do is simply get in contact with us with your idea (if you have one - if not we create ideas here at Serenity London!)

& we will put together a unique geofilter with what you have sent us or as you have described, no hassle, no fuss (& at a competitive rate!) We design and deploy ready for your approval then its up to you to decide where and when the filter will be up and its all systems go!

Below are some examples of SnapChat Geofilters... So wether its to add to your special wedding day, a birthday party, a surprise for a friend or a partner or to enhance your business and to gain more exposure contact us at events@serenitylondon.co.uk or give us a call on 0208-088-2780 to speak to someone in our team today! 

Happy Snapping! xo


Visiting Venice?

One of the reason I feel in love with the world of events is because you learn about many different cultures and taste delish food, you travel to new places domestically and internationally and meet people from all walks of life.

During my days in PR I worked with a lovely Italian expat who was originally from Mestre. On one of our many lunch outings she showed me her wedding pictures that took place in Venice. I instantly feel in love.

Over the weekend I finally visited the fascinating city and I thought I would share some must I take away from my trip.

Here is my list that I hope whom ever is reading finds useful. 

  1.  Warning there are very few hotels you can get a Gondala or water taxi directly outside so be prepared to carry your suitcase for a few minutes walk at the minimum. Do not stay just anywhere! Make sure it is central to the places you want to visit.
  2. My favorite meals were at the restaurants we came across on our walks to different monuments. Eating at Piazza San Marco was expensive and no where near as delicious as the restaurants further out.
  3. Osteria al Portego... THE BEST cicchetti. 
  4. Chat Qui Rit is the place to visit if your a desert wine lover
  5.  Vineria all'Amarone is a fantastic place to sit and try a wide variety of wines, bruchetta and talk to some of the lovely locals. The staff where extreamly welcoming.
  6. One of my favorite meals was at Nuovo Galeon in Castello
  7. Visiting the fish market is a must, eating at a restaurant close by will be the best place for any seafood dish.
  8. If you decide you are only going to ride a gondola once, I recommend the Grand Canal route.
  9. Visit Acqua & Mais for amazing Venetian Street Food
  10. For amazing fresh juices cross the Rialto Bridge into San Polo. They have a number of little stools selling freshly made juices. You will return once a day every day your there! 

If you have read this and feel inspired to visit do let us know. However if you are reading this blog and thinking of a destination wedding, birthday or corporate event email us at events@serenitylondon.co.uk as we have a number of destination venues we having working relations with.

Thanks for reading and SHARE SHARE SHARE x

Teen Beauty Workshop August 25th 2016

On August 25th 2016 Serenity London Events will  hold our second Teen Beauty Workshop at The Winchmore 235 Winchmore Hill Rd, London N21 1QA.

This workshop will be longer than the last and in addition to the interactive make up session there will be a 'How To Hair' segment.

From the feedback from our previous sold out workshop we have a added more detail and different topics.

Tickets can be purchased below.


All tickets include entrance, refreshments and a goody bag.

This is a perfect event to attend during the summer holidays with friends!

We hope to see you all there x

Event Info:

Teen Beauty Workshop is the first of its kind.

A place where 13 - 17 year old's can learn how to create age appropriate make up looks right on trend.
With so many beauty products and skin products out there teen skin can be very sensitive to the wrong items. You will learn how to prep your skin, apply make up correctly, how to correctly remove make up and the importance of cleaning your brushes and make up care. 

Each event will demonstrate different make up looks and techniques, teach you how to create a hair trends and introduce you to new products.


London...On A Budget

Summer can be a busy time for us all; festivals, holidays, shopping the new trends, bars and bbq’s and the general urge to not stay indoors when the sun in shining!

Sounds good right? And probably a little expensive huh?

Well this blog is dedicated to some of the amazing and different events and activities you can do this summer in London… all on a budget!

London; one of the most famous cities in the world and sometimes, to us Londoners, one that we can often take for granted. What inspired me to write this blog was a recent site visit to the iconic Shard. Whilst nearing the top floor I peered out of the window and was left astonished by the stunning view and skyline. Sky scraping buildings with amazing architecture, surrounded by cobbled roads that ooze history. The hustle and bustle of the city is mesmerising...and it really did leave a taste of wanting and discovery (especially as I have lived in London my whole life!)

Whist on my search for different  things to do this summer… I came to the realisation that  exploring my city doesn’t actually have to be pricey at all. In fact, I came across many reasonably priced (and even some free) events.

Here are my TOP 5 picks for the hottest pocket friendly things to do this summer:

1- The view from the Shard - Experience the views from the highest building in London for a real breathtaking activity. Tickets on the official website start at £25 however last minute.com and often Wowcher have tickets for as little as £18.95! I would personally recommend this and also ensuring you sign up to websites that give you these wonderful offers. This is great to do with a loved one, some friends or even alone! Bring a good camera and make sure you get some amazing shots!

2- Urban Food Festival - This is a must! We love our food here at Serenity London and the Urban Food Festival in the heart of shoreditch has an amazing range of food from vegan to italian, to the warm spices of the Asian cuisine, to good old grub with some mouthwatering fully loaded burgers, sweet desserts and drink stalls (including some cocktails to die for).  Entry is free, food is not - unfortunately - but is very reasonably priced and you can often grab a meal for just £10 (appetite depending - of course). They are open from midday to midnight every Saturday on Shoreditch High Street. So whether you want to stuff your face, or simply just go for a cocktail, the atmosphere and ambience is immense, and being in the heart of London going for a stroll in the city after you can’t go wrong!

3- Comedy nights - because we all love a good old giggle right?! We discovered this gem while site viewing nearby - Angel Comedy. This is a comedy house on Camden walk that offers various FREE weekly comedy nights. Monday - improvisation night, Tuesday - Edinburgh festival best bits  - Wednesday - ‘So you think you’re funny?’ competition, Thursday - a night of potential and variety - Friday & Saturday are their Flagship nights (Still free!) and Sundays are their Raw comedy evenings. This is wonderful for a night for a good old giggle - and a potentially free night in the buzzing area of Camden. (Thank us later)

4- Fun Educational Trip - In London we are fortunate to have wide range of beautiful, historic, fun and informative museums that never get old (no pun intended). Our favourite one for these summer months is the Natural History Museum. A classic museum that any Londoner would of probably attended on a school trip, but one that you can only appreciate fully when you re-attend as an adult. The natural history museum showcases some wonderful artifacts with many interactive attractions such as body snatchers: eaten alive by parasitic wraps, Spotlight: Tiger Longwing, Rainbow Nature: most colourful creatures, The making of colour and vision, dual gender butterfly and zebra butterfly to name a few. This is a fun day out for families, couples and friends and it really is a nostalgic experience to take you back to your childhood and re live this magical place. Entry is completely free as well as all the attractions but there is the option for night time experiences for adults and children that you can check out on their website. Perfect for a work event or a perfect date night!

5- For our sweet tooth readers - our favourite (& cheapest!) dessert joint in London - My old dutch. Spoiling you with not only one, but 3 cosy venues scattered around town - Kensington, Chelsea and Holburn, this is a Serenity London Must Go. With the most expensive dessert on the A La carte menu being a mere £10.95 you can not go wrong in visiting. The waffles, pancakes and crepes are to die for ranging from sweet to savoury with flavours such as classic maple syrup and butter to an edgier pear and cinnamon (I know - my mouth just watered too) and savoury crepes from smoked salmon and cream cheese to bolognese! My old dutch simply caters for all - also including gluten free products across all of their menus. They also cater for big groups and parties so whether it be a children’s birthday or for adults  celebrations or simply looking to treat yourself and really go out on ‘cheat day’ this is a fun and quirky place to go!


Serenity London Launch

So after a year of being in business, we decided with the birth of our new sister company Serenity London Event Staffing, January 2016 would be the best time to launch Serenity London Group.

Having a launch event for any business is always beneficial - it creates awareness.

As event planners, this was a joy for us (even though planning an Event for ourselves actually proved harder than for a client - who knew we were so fussy?!)

With the help of all of our business partners, we were able to come together to create an event with all the factors - and chic venue in the heart of Chelsea, versatile DJs, an amazing sweet-cart, some pretty stunning centerpieces, a high tech photo-booth, a magician that will have you questioning your eyesight, alcohol bubbling all night long, a goody-bag full of samples, vouchers and information, and of course, the best mini cupcakes, brownies and fruit tarts you will ever try!

As well as inviting our closest family and friends, this event was more for networking and meeting new faces - and that we did!

We had the pleasure of meeting many individuals from all different working backgrounds, from fashion to tech, fitness, mechanics, marketing, advertising, bloggers and many more.

It was wonderful to meet with like minded business individuals and to hear their stories, hopes and plans for the future.

So, if you have a business or product and have yet to have or even thought of having an official launch, our advice to you - do it!

Put yourself out there, be confident in your brand that you want to introduce it to the world, you never know what could come out of a single encounter with a new face!

So here’s Serenity’s top tips for your launch:

1- Timing - make sure you/your team/your product is where it needs to be before launching, don’t rush - these things take time, but when the time is right, go for it!

2- Attention to detail - the small touches can make the biggest difference. The extra you put in can be what you get out. Give everyone who has taken the time to attend your launch something to remember. With us this wasn't hard as event planning and detail is what we do - but in whatever field, show off your talent and abilities in any way you can. The effort and lengths you go to even show the passion you have in your business and it will sell not only you but your services. 

3- Who attends - Now this one's a biggie. Make sure you think long and hard about the audience you’re attracting. As much as you know you could probably fill up a room with your friends and family - that’s not the objective. Think about potential clients/customers, reach out to like-minded business, individuals that you would like in your network.

4- Make sure your guests leave with something - We provided a gift bag for our guests, as well as packing it full of goodies and vouchers from different companies - the most important piece of content for us was providing everyone who attending with our 2016 brochure.This brochure included all of the relevant information about our company and all of our contact details in a sleek, modern booklet.

5- If in doubt of any of the above and feel like you wouldn’t know when to start - email us at events@serenitylondon.co.uk :)

The Only Way Is Uber

Whether you need a way to the airport, a way back from a festival or want to pop to your friends of a night, it seems as though the new age way of transport is indeed...an Uber!

For those who don’t know, Uber Taxi is an American multinational online taxi dispatch company headquartered in San Francisco, California, and work in all regions in a world. Uber was founded in 2009 and you use the service via an app.

So it’s as simple as this, you download the app, create an account using your email address and billing information and you’re pretty much good to go! Using location services on your phone, your app is able to pick up where you are and all you have to do is put in the postcode of where you need to be. The app will then locate you a nearby driver and give you an estimated time until arrival.

As event planners, we find we are in often need of a taxi. Going to and from venues and meetings with clients,  especially when they are in the central London area in the day as the congestion charge can be pricey as well as parking and public transport is no help when you have a lot to carry! Uber has been our favoured way of transport due to the efficiency of the drivers, the quick and easy way to book a cab on the move and also the competitive prices that they offer!

Below are our top 5 reasons why we think you should use an Uber to get to and from all the best events this summer!

 1. Safety - Uber provide you with the make and number plate of the taxi and also a picture of your driver (which does give you that extra bit of security...and helps the prevention of the embarrassment of  trying to get into a strangers car asking them to get you to wireless as quick as they can) We encourage you to always share these details if you are alone.

2. Reassurance - The app provides you with a live map where you can track the car to see where abouts they are...So there is no excuse to leave them outside waiting! This gives you control and reassurance before the taxi has even reached you.

3. Convenience - There is no need to have to make an extra stop to a cashpoint on your journey if you don’t have cash; Uber is linked to your debit card using paypal and once you are at your destination you can hop out and the payment comes out automatically! Wait! It gets better - if you’re riding with a friend, the app also gives you the option to split the fair with the ease of a click! Simple, fast and effective

4. Professionalism - At Uber drivers earn their reputation - At the end of your journey you will be asked to rate your driver out of 5 stars…this is to do with his performance, attitude, driving and overall experience in the ride (that means having a clean and pleasant smelling car!). This is a way for Uber to keep track on their drivers and the experiences they are providing. If the driver has a high rating it means they are consistent in their work, however a regular low rating driver will be flagged up to Uber and handled with.  

5. Discount - Last but not least, the reason we think you should sign up and use Uber this summer, is because you can earn your first free ride from Serenity London Events! We have teamed up with Uber and are offering you a free ride up to £15 using our code SLEUBER15. We hope that you enjoy using Uber and have your first free ride on us!




Our Summer Event Essentials

As we enter June and we are seeing more sunshine we know for sure the ‘summer’ event and festival season is about to begin. We all have an event to attend or coordinate every weekend and we rush around finding outfits to wear or ensuring everything is in place as we might need to be in two places at once! So I thought I would share a few of my summer essentials that will be with me everywhere I go this summer.

My 1st must have item is my chargeable phone case. Having two phones during June, July and August is not enough to ensure you are always reachable or can contact someone if need be. This does mean the Lumee cases may have to come off at some point of the evening but I just find it is so much easier than carrying your charger and looking for a port to use; if that is even an option at the events venue. I purchased mine from https://www.iphonepro.co.uk/ however you can find cheaper on Amazon, but I recommend you check the power capacity levels when doing so.

My makeup go to is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H (thanks to @madeupbyisa) and MAC Lightful-C-Tinted-Cream. I have found a combination of the two lasts all day and they feel very light on the skin. Using a small amount is enough for the perfect coverage and lightweight summer look.

I tend to avoid carrying a great amount of makeup with me however I ensure I have Vichy AQUALIA THERMAL lip balm and my favourite Matte lipstick which is either MAC Whirl or Maybelline Nude Thrill Vivid Matte.

A good sized secure bag is essential. On a busy day of setting up, travelling or attending events I ensure my bags have zips. Somehow it gives me peace of mind when out and about or working and avoids my ‘WHERES MY!’ moments. Mango, PLT and Next are currently my favourite high street brands at the moment for bags.

As a Londoner from birth I have been blessed with witnessing  4 seasons of weather in one day. So during the days I am attending outdoor events I ensure I carry a compact rain mac. For anyone visiting the wonderful City of London this summer I advise you do the same. Even though I am always hopeful, you never know when you will need it and they truly take up very little space. I brought my most recent one from http://www.millets.co.uk/.

Finally as an event organiser comfy shoes is a must during work hours. Puma have been doing uber comfy and cute trainers. For heels I have purchased a few pairs from Zara, reasonably prices and you can be in them all night with no pain. Sandals are always exciting to buy and I have brought a few from Aldo, Topshop and Missguided.

If you have any summer event essentials please share with us!

S x

Ps. keep an eye out on our blog for our events calendar and recommendations.

Cruz Bueno | 19th May 2016

On the 19th May both Serenity Directors had the pleasure of attending the Cruz Bueno fashion show for the launch of 3 new collections.

The British based, Portuguese Born brand was in founded in 2011 by the Creative and Artistic Director & Head Designer Lucas Cruz Bueno.

After attending one show we were able to see that Lucas is a talented designer with great attention to detail in both his clothing and events.

The venue complimented the show perfectly; the high selling’s created an element of space and movement, the simplistic art on entrance and the wall embellishments gave the venue a touch of design and colour but not too much that over powered the show, the large fire places gave the feeling of structure and elegance and the large white walls complimented by your ‘fashion show’ white benches and bright lights allowed the collections to truly POP.
Each seat had a brochure about the brand, a hand out illustrating the run of the show and acknowledgement to those involved, a complimentary bottle of FIGI water (My favourite) and a very charming and creative pendent of the Cruz Bueno Logo (for those who do not know the logo is a combination of Greek writing, Grecian patterns and Lucas’s face LOVE!)
I also must say compliments to the DJ, we did shazamed the whole show. The music was powerful and our favourite song of the evening had to be Retrograde by James Blake.

The show opened with the first of two women’s collection the ‘Red Label’, this label truly is Pret-A-Porter and displayed stunning oversize jackets that I suggested all fashion lovers purchase! Quality and style that can be worn all year round.

The White label for menswear shortly followed. Texture, Movement, Layers and Pattern are the words I would describe the collection. The daring collection would be worn by a confident and expressive gentleman that appreciates the art of clothing.

My favourite part of the show had to be the beginning of the final collection, which was opened by a short piece of contemporary ballet. The dancer was stunning and carried the clothing extremely well while performing; the unexpected had the audience in shock and delight.

The final collection was my favourite of the three; I felt there was something for every type of fashion loving lady. The range of materials used deserves a round of applause in its self and the colours where seasonless!

At the end of the event I had to tell Lucas that my summer wardrobe must have every single bralet showcased in the third collection! To what he responded ‘I am glad, the collection was made for cool girls like you’ Thank you Lucas for making the night!
Once the show had finished the guests where welcomed into an old style library for drinks.

A clever touch to this section of the evening was the 6 models placed in a circle in the center of the room standing still like Apollos’ beautiful Grecian ladies. This tied in very well with the logo both in representing wholeness, fluidity and revolution as well as strength and beauty.

It was a pleasure attending this show with Helly (www.hellylondon.co.uk) and we wish Lucas and the brand all the best!

Be sure to check out the collections at www.cruzbueno.com
Photos by
Cesar Antonis photography

S x

Anna Lingis MUA

Working in events, we quite often have the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing creatives, this blog is all about one of them, Anna Lingis, who we fell in love with the minute we got into contact with her!

My name is Katerina and I am one of 2 directors of the Serenity London Group. In February I turned 25 and in true event planner style I decided to throw an extravagant fancy dress party for my closest friends at the lovely Hilton hotel situated in Tower Bridge.

Having worked with many amazing make-up artists before, I felt spoilt for choice, until I decided that I wanted to be a mermaid - which as you can imagine required a little more than a usual contour.

When speaking to some of my makeup obsessed friends about my idea, they pointed me to the wonderful Anna Lingis’ instagram page. Well! Anyone who’s seen her page knows that for her, a few scales on my face for a mermaid look was light work in comparison to some of her out-of-this-world work on others for fancy dress, pop art, special effects and halloween looks. She had it all - anything you can think of was displayed in a wonderful portfolio of mystical and magical images, I think I must of spent a good 10 minutes scrolling down her page lost in her work. She was the one! Having had an impressive 72,000+ followers and having had a few celebrities on her portfolio, I did however assume she may be very hard to get hold of and also cost me more than my party in total.

But much to my delight was I mistaken. I emailed her with the date of my event, and a rough idea of what I wanted. In no time, she had personally replied and before I knew it the date and time had been confirmed and I was booked in! I was also very happy with how reasonably priced Anna was, she required a deposit before hand which I expected and to be honest - preferred - as it gives you the reassurance as well as it would her.

Me and Anna remained in contact for the month or so before my event, she frequently messaged me with different ideas and questions about my look, and even though that was the one thing I wasn’t 100% with in terms of how I wanted to look, she was always ready to offer suggestions in terms of what I may like - which was great. Working with someone who is approachable is so important - firstly it helps you to feel as though you have the flexibility to change your mind (which you can imagine happened quite often!) secondly, it puts you at ease - there is 100 things when planning your own event that you have to worry about, the more you can NOT worry about the better, and thirdly - it makes you feel as though you’re not just a number or a name in an appointment book, it makes you feel as though you are special and thought about - which everyone wants to feel, especially on their birthday right?

In true event fashion, the day of the event was upon me, and was I stressed. One of my balloons popped on the way up to the venue and on top of it my cab journey took an extra 45 minutes than planned due to Saturday afternoon traffic in London. I checked into the hotel and went up to the room, Anna arrived not long after I had put my bags down. She was prompt and on time with a smile on her face - Just what I needed! She was welcoming and had a very warm and calming aura which was perfect. Before I knew it we had started on my look and I spent majority of the time having a good old moan about my poor balloon! (Sorry Anna!). She was a brilliant multi tasker as she was able to complete my look in 1 hour. She passed me the mirror and I was in awe! She had nailed the look I wanted down to the last gem on my lip!

She then went on to create a look on Serenity’s other director, Sandi, who had decided to go as a ballerina. She used glitters gem and a pink contour to create her look, she looked stunning!

We were both so pleased as it was exactly what we had imagined and more! Anna was quick and effective. She had unpacked, finished both of our looks and packed away in just over 2 hours and was ready to leave for her next client. Before Anna left, she managed to get some lovely images of us using her professional camera - which were ready to send over the next morning.

Throughout the evening Sandi and I received a number of compliments from people who attend about our look and the makeup stayed in place for the whole 6 hours of the event with not one speck of glitter out of place (to be honest - I’m sure if i didn’t remove the makeup before bed it would have been there when I woke up!)

I personally would recommend anyone to use Anna, I feel as though making the decision to use her as my MUA for such a personal and special event was one of the best choices I made for the evening. She not only does special effect makeup but also displays a wonderful portfolio of day and evening make up for any event - which I cannot wait to use her for in the near future.

It’s safe to say she was definitely our Make-up fairy Godmother for the evening.

Thank you Anna, you was a an absolute pleasure to meet and i’m glad we have had the opportunity to work together - wishing you all the best in your career!

Please check out her instagram pages (@AnnaLingis/@AnnaLingisMUA) to see some of her amazing work…

Below i have included some pictures of her work and what the look she created for us on my birthday! Enjoy x




Hello and welcome to the SL Blog spot.

We are excited to enter the world of blogging which is very new but be prepared for loads of visuals.

We hope our blog brings you inspiration, motivation and great communication on all things ‘event’ and our surrounding industries such as dinning, design, music, travel and arts.

Over the years we have learned there are many elements to the perfect event and the key is the to have an understanding of different cultures, art forms, food, music, traditions and new technologies.

We hope to share our experiences, event bts, our staff in action and our findings and thoughts.

On our pursuit of perfection in our work we hope this blog brings us new understandings and findings from our reader’s comments and insights.

We hope you enjoy our post and please share if you think friends family or colleagues would enjoy.


We look forward to blogging!


SL Team