Beauty Rehab...Lash Rehab!

‘’Nothing is more true about our generation..than its addiction to beauty!’’

And in all honesty, I probably couldn’t agree more! (Don’t think my nan has ever felt the need for an every few week lash infill!)

If you’re like us, and like to try the newest facial, feel naked without your lashes done or simply cannot fathom the thought of grown out eyebrows..Beauty Rehab is the best place to get your fix!

Situated in the chic Muswell hill in North London, this cute salon offers everything from laser hair removal, waxing, nails, tanning, lashes, brows, semi permanent make up and many more.

Seda along with her team of talented and friendly rehab girls are a pleasure to be around, welcoming and bubbly - and 100% professional.

With the success of the Beauty Rehab brand building and the growing interested into the lashes that are often posted across their social media page; Lash rehab was born! A line created by the salon’s owner handcrafted and picked from her experience in the industry and knowledge of the trade.

Launching in December for purchase; I had the pleasure of trying these individual lashes for myself - and boy was I impressed! I got a full set of thick, luscious, curly long lashes which meant no everyday mascara and no fiddling around on the weekend or any mid week events with strip lashes! 

Its been 2 and a half weeks and I haven't needed an infill (which I am super pleased about) but am looking forward to going back soon! We will also be trying other beauty treatments that we will keep you updated with our experiences in our blogs.

Don't believe me? Book in and check it out for yourself! (But do it quick as last minute appointments aren't always available) 

Below are some pictures of their work, check out the instagram pages @seda_london/@BeautyRehab for more and request @LashRehab for their launch coming soon!


K x


K x