Christmas in the CAPITAL (no punctuation intended!)

It's the season to be jolly they say and I think I know why!

From my experience all the events that take place in the wonderful city of London during the Christmas period are truly filled with great spirits and a sense of togetherness.

Having worked in the world of events for 10 years now I have a little habit of analysing each event I attend (do not worry friends this usually stays within my mental notes :)).

However I find it amazing when the mental note is “I should have taken more photos!”.

I recently attended a Wreath Making Workshop at Your London Florist which well & truly threw me into the Christmas Spirit and my only mental notes were;
1. I didn't take enough photos (however there are a few on instagram and below), and 2. There is so much to learn about floristry!.

This then inspired today’s blog; because I know when planning events and activities during the festive season there is very little room for ‘‘We should have gone there instead’’.

So here are my list of events/experiences I highly recommend:

  1. Your London Florist - Wreath Making Class at £70pp.
    The next class is on the 4th Dec 2019 from 6pm -9pm.
    YLF is based in Crews Hill in North London and can be found on instagram @yourlondonflorist or online

  2. Your London Florist - Christmas Table Centerpiece Workshop at £70pp
    The next workshop is on 10th Dec 2019 at 6pm-9pm.
    All details can be found on

  3. Dans Le Noir
    Dining in the dark!
    This was one of the most unusual experiences for me. I believed I was a certified foodie until visiting Dans Le Noir; I thought I would know exactly what each dish was just through smell… Well I was wrong! Even with the sense of touch I still could not guess exactly what all the dishes were (I did however guess the deserts correct which isn't shocking! #Sweettooth).
    I highly recommended this experience for couples and groups of friends at any time of year but December is always a great time to try something new with the closest people to you.
    Your communication and social skills are pushed to its limits and it is really quiet refreshing to not have any distractions from a mobile phone.
    It would be amazing if a few more restaurants restricted phones at the table :).
    They also host a handful of other events throughout the week which all can be found  on
    Let us know if you do visit, we would love to hear about your experience!

  4. Lapland UK
    Although this is one is not actually in the capital and for the children I will say I was in awe of my surroundings and the magical setting.
    I visited Lapland UK 4 years ago and recommended it every year since.
    If I didn't know any better and managed to sleep on my journey there I really would have believed I was in lapland!
    The settings, staff & the activities get a 10/10 from me; there wasn't any Churros however I am sure it did me no harm to go without!
    This experience starts from £60 and can be booked via

That is the power 4 events on my Christmas list, if you do attend any of the above share your photos and experiences with us, we would love to know if you had as much fun as we did.

I would love to hear about any Christmas events, workshops, restaurants you’ve attended and loved; we are always looking for new places to visit… comment below and let us know!

I hope this was a useful read and you all have a blessed Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year.

SX x