Cocktails in the City

There is always something exciting and glamourous about going for a few drinks (which tends to turn into a lot more than just a few) in the city of London but for most people the question is where do I even go?

There are so many parts of London that offer different drinking experiences, for the more relaxed Sunday afternoon beer garden atmosphere, Camden and Soho offer some unique pubs and cocktail bars.

One being Lockside in Camden which not only has a traditional open brickwork interior but it also has a terrace looking over the Lock - if you’re lucky enough to find a spot on a sunny day, then pairing it up with one of the many cocktails they offer (see the jam jar cocktail below) you have a perfect day planned.


For those who want to swap the Lock to their Louboutins, there also many cocktail bars on the other side of London which let you get all dolled up but are also in prime location for after work drinks.



One being Steam and Rye, this Bank based location makes it easy to not only get to but to also carry on the night wherever that might be. It is an American themed dining bar with live music and on the right night you can even find a rodeo bull. It is set up so that when you arrive you step into “New York’s Grand Central Station” in which there are tables that you can book for either drinks or enjoy a meal from their menu which offer American classics such as burgers and mac and cheese, but they also offer Lobster.



Although I have dined at Steam and Rye once before, in which my experience was one of the nicest I have received as all waitresses were willing to help you and the food exceeded my expectations ( I recommend the sirloin steak!) But what everybody really goes for are the amazing cocktails they offer!



After visiting multiple times I have managed to cut down to my top 5 cocktails; 1)“5$ Shake” - a vodka based cocktail with whipped cream, oreos and a fab ice lolly (what more could you want), 2)“Freedom Martini” - an alternative to a Pornstar Martini as this contains Lejay Blackberry and Pineapple, 3)“George Washington” - yes it is in fact served in a GW moulded cup! 4)“Juan Direction” - a tequila based cocktail that also has a proud ‘I love one direction’ flag in it (this is definitely one for the super fans) 5)”No Filter” - if you haven’t had a cocktail served in a camera lense before then where have you been, this gin cocktail contains Violette Bitters and bubblegum so it is the perfect balance of sharpness and sweetness.



Not only do they offer 20 of their own unique cocktails but the barmen are more than happy to make your favourite classic cocktail or to even make a cocktail up there and then. I would recommend this cocktail spot to everyone and anyone as the service is always to a top level - that includes the staff and cocktails! All cocktails are priced at a standard City price of £9-£12 which is what is expected but why not make the most of their happy hour which is half price cocktails and £4.50 beers between 5pm-7pm every day!


Whilst you are in the area, in fact it is only next door, Vodka Revolution is another bar which have classic cocktails with a twist on them such as a cherry mojito served in a bag gathered by a bow - I promise it worth the trip!


The real selling point for Vodka Revolution is the shot sticks, ranging from 1 shot to 10 shots. But these are not your normal flavours, there are 30 choices ranging from bubblegum and birthday cake to peanut butter & jelly and rhubarb and custard. I visited on a Thursday evening and although it wasn’t bombarded with city workers, there was still a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere. Although it is only open during weekdays as the weekend offer private hire, I would definitely want to get a group of friends together to experience one of their cocktail making classes.

As the bank holiday begins, why not take a trip to the places I have suggested as you certainly won’t be disappointed!




C x