Country Club Dinning

Over the weekend I visited Trent Park Country Club for a light dinner and some drinks.

This was my first time visiting the Country Club for dinner and I was looking forward to it as I have heard good things.

The menu is pretty simple, the cuisine is American-Grill however it is not your TGIs (I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY).

Between the group we ordered Prawns, Cheese Burgers and Chicken Burgers; and there is nothing we can fault.

The Chicken burger was delicious and a real chicken breast which is always a pleasure to see in a with all the fake food that is shoved in our faces.

The prawns where cooked to perfection and the sweet chilli sauce was a great compliment to them. I did not personally eat the Cheese Burger however I was told it was delish.

We did not get our sweet potatoes fries as they had run out but the chunky chip where a good replacement.

The only con I found in the meal was the small side salad that came with the prawns, a larger salad would have been great and there was no dressing on the salad or any that came in small pots with the meal so we had to wait for the waitress to bring some. Not that it was a long wait we just was drooling over the prawns and wanted to tuck in.

The service by the staff was pleasant and the bar staff are incredibly good at what they do, one to many Hurricanes later I didn’t need any desert.

We tried the passion fruit martini’s and Daiquiri and I must say they tasted better than the cocktails I had the week before in the city.

I was also very shocked yet pleased when a bar tender over heard a conversation about driving and asked if any of us was driving as he mixes quite a bit of rum into a hurricane so would have to advice we don’t have another.

That kind of service proved the staff at the country club not only care about their work but about the guests they serve and for that I will be a regular customer.

Overall a lovely service and a reasonably priced menu, as they grow I look forward to seeing the menu grow in variety!

S x