Drizzy Drake

This month we had the pleasure of attending the event of the year (so far!) The Boy Meets World tour by Drake.

With a number of sold out shows across Europe, if you had a ticket you were indeed one of the lucky ones! & were we lucky!

We took to the 02 arena in Greenwich, an impressive area with many famous named restaurants and a beautiful space with various activities.

As we took to our seats, the atmosphere was amazing, the show had not started yet and there wasn’t any music playing, but the vibe from the arena was wonderful; you knew what kind of show you would be in for.

Young Thug - Drake’s opening act, took to the stage and sung some of his well known songs that really got the crowd warmed up. I like Young Thug and his songs so I was pleased when I found out he was opening the show, however, I found his performance quite dull; there wasn't much movement or anything special that happened during his opening, he was literally standing there singing. I’m really happy I knew and liked his songs and quite frankly felt sorry for anyone who didn’t know him as they was probably least impressed.


He didn’t leave much room for disappointment. Event wise,  His show was magical; dancers, giant globes, an amazing ensemble of these floating ‘balloon’ type art that would ripple with the music putting you in a complete daze. I am personally a very big fan of Drake and have been following his music from the beginning (& still frequently listen to many of his old albums) so it was very pleasing to hear so many of his old songs as well as some of the best songs from his new Album Views.

What i’ve always admired about Drake is his interest in the English culture, as huge of an artist he is and from all the way across the waters, he has sparked interest in many up and coming UK artists such as Skepta, Sneakbo, Giggs, Section Boyz, Krept & Konan, Kyla and Dave to name a few. This flowed through the show as he brought out Section Boyz & Giggs on the night we attended and it literally tore down the arena. Other shows he has also brought out the likes of Krept and Konan too which we wished we could have seen!

Honestly, if there is any way you can get a ticket to see Drake live this year, I would do it. You leave feeling fulfilled, uplifted and totally buzzing. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Drake perform every time he has visited London and he has never disappointment me yet. In Fact, he gets better every time!

I’m really looking forward to his new Mixtape release, More Life, that is out soon as I have heard that there is a number of UK talent featured on there so keep an ear out!

& Drake...  If you’re reading this.. Please come back soon!




K x