Join the Drink Up club!

For those who haven't already heard of Drink Up (which is pretty hard as I feel as though everywhere I turn or see a red cup, there's usually a Drink Up logo soon to follow) they are an alcohol delivery service who also specialise in personalising red cups for any event (literally). 

Drink Up started purely as an alcohol delivery service, (you drink, they drive) delivering bottles of exclusive and essential alcohol for the weekends for your gatherings, parties or just a girly night in when either the shops were closed, you couldn't be bothered to get up or you don't/or are over the limit to drive to the shop. Their selling point for me for sure is the range of alcohol they have; flavours and brands that you know you just cant get in your local off licence or supermarket that you would have to travel to specialist suppliers to get your hands on. With every order you get some Drink Up red cups complimentary (how great, delivered alcohol AND you don't have to worry about washing up, perfect!) 

With the demand and popularity of the company growing, they decided to expand on what they offer; giving not only Drink Up signature red cups but now the ability to personalise them with pictures and/or typing specific for your event. As you can imagine as an event planner I was all over this! I love anything thats personalised for events, for me it gives your event a signature, something that no other event would of had, or could have. 

The personalised cups have become a huge hit with their customers creating a huge buzz even if your not planning on drinking alcohol from them. 

They have also recently adapted their logo to make it 'child friendly' replacing the 'i' with a baby bottle, perfect for christenings, gender reveal, baby showers & children's birthdays.

I also have the inside scoop that their new venture is to offer various different colour cups as well as their signature red which I cannot wait for! 

We love using Drink Up for our events and our clients events, they are professional, affordable and have a fantastic turn around period for design proofs and deliveries (which is always handy). 

Check them out or get into contact with us today to have some personalised cups for your special event, wether it be birthday, engagement, stag do, hen do, wedding reception, bridal shower, company/product launch, children related events, graduations, anniversaries and many more!

We have a special code for discount off personalised Red Cups using Serenity London code SLCUPS20 for 20% off your personalised cup order! (thank us later) 

Below are some images from their impressive catalogue, but do check out their social media and website for full information.

Serenity are for sure in the Drink Up club, are you?


K x