Essentials For Every Event!

With many of us jetting off to different hot spots this summer, it is sometimes difficult to resist not packing the whole of the bathroom cupboard with lotions and potions that realistically you will not need for that “just in case” moment.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying in multiple hotels for a birthday celebration, although I knew these hotels would be providing adequate toiletries at our disposal, I still had the urge to pack as if I was going on a 2 week holiday but instead I packed ‘sensibly’ and loaded up on miniature products which are not only convenient especially for a short stay trip but I think you’ll agree anything miniature is just a thousand times cuter!

Miniature beauty products are easier to collect than you think as the beauty and body gift sets you receive at Christmas time will finally be put to use! Alternatively you can put your favourite products into small pots and bottles for a short stay or alternatively for your long haul flight essentials.

Some of my beauty essentials are by the skincare company Simple, they have full size and miniature versions of their number 1 products such as face wash, toner and moisturiser and are great for all skin types in particularly sensitive skin.

Not only are smaller products convenient for holidays (so I can pack more unnecessary pairs of shoes) but they are also ideal for your handbags when going to events from a night out with your friends to a wedding.

When going to any kind of event there are some handbag essentials I always pack, these are;

1)      Portable Charger – these are available almost everywhere, but my favourite one is by the brand Anker found on Amazon. It is lightweight and available in a range of colours and so if you want to ensure you can take memorable photos whilst at a wedding or snapchat all night long, this is a handbag must have! (Gents, they are also fit well in a trouser pocket so you’re not missing out!)

2)      Refillable Perfume – with the summer heat rising, we all want to stay and feel fresh and so having refillable perfume bottles lets you change between scents and stay smelling sweet all day. They are available from eBay as little as £2.99 but also available at Selfridges, House of Fraser and Feelunique.  

3)      Mint Spray – for any upcoming bridesmaids reading this, this is a good idea to keep in a beauty bag for the bride. As mints and chewing gum are not the best idea when countless amount of photos are being taken but she’ll still want to stay fresh for her guests and her new husband!

If it is your wedding coming up, why not think about creating a hamper with beauty miniatures that would be placed in the bathrooms at your venue so your guests can freshen up throughout the day. They are inexpensive to create as you can include any products you would need in an emergency such as bobby pins, hair bands, blotting paper, nail file and mints which are all under £2 each. Take some inspiration from these hampers below:



C x