Gender Reveals

Gender reveal parties. Parties that reveal the gender of your unborn child. This is a craze that has originated from America (similar to popular baby showers). It is a fun and sweet way to let your loved one know which baby grow colours to start buying! 

There are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby, including balloon popping, cake slicing and having your family pet run in with the gender coloured balloons attached to his collar (no really we are not joking) 

These parties can take quite a bit of planning, especially when the expectant mother and father don't want to find out the gender until the reveal too! (Its so much more fun that way). 

At Serenity London we can offer a full service gender reveal to take the weight off Mummy and Daddy shoulders and ensure a stress free and magical night for all the family. 

We recently planned a fun gender reveal where the guests were asked to choose which 'team' they were on based on their prediction of what they thought the baby was going to be to add a little more fun and competitiveness to the evening which really gave it a great feel. 

We used pink and blue coloured lemonade and personalised cups from the guys down at Drink Up to make it possible! (They have a baby/child friendly logo especially for baby showers, children's birthdays, christenings and gender reveals now which is great!)

Below are some examples of different gender reveal event ideas for any expectant mothers out there! Pass this on!


K x