Georgina Day MUA

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid at a family wedding (I have been a bridesmaid maybe 1000 times when I was younger - it’s just so much more daunting when you’re an adult). Along with many other jobs and responsibilities given to me from the bride, I also had the job of finding a MUA to create the look for the special occasion. Now - I hold my hands up - I have no clue about how to do my own makeup, I know how I want to look, but not how to achieve it. This also makes me very fussy. Previously I have had some horrors with some makeup artists that end up making me look like a clown because they don’t listen to me (If you’re a makeup artist reading this - PLEASE start listening to your clients). I end up feeling so bad for them as they have spent so long creating this ‘masterpiece’ that I just want to wipe off.

Anyway - there is a happy ending to this blog - Thank God!

I reached out to my friend (this particular one as she is actually fussier than me) for any recommended make up artist for my subtle glam look. She recommended a makeup artist called Georgina Day.

I reached out to Georgina who was able to schedule me in pretty quick and also offered me some suggestions on possible looks for the day - her pricing was so reasonable and she was able to come to me with no problems.

The day arrived and Georgina was well in time and waited patiently for me to return from my hair appointment. She was welcoming and warm and set up in no time. Before she started she asked me the exact look I wanted to go for. She also asked me if there was anything makeup wise that I didn’t like. After my list of do’s and dont’s she got started, frequently checking that her products matched my skin tone, working with different looks and trying products out that best matched my skin. Having a stranger in front of you starring in your face for the good part of an hour and a half can be quite intimidating - but Georgina made it a pleasant experience and we spent the whole time chatting away about the wedding, our jobs and what else we had planned for the weekend. She was done in good time and I absolutely LOVED my look.

It was just as I imagined - a flawless finish but a subtle look in all. I’m not a person who likes eyeshadow or a really strong lip colour and even though every makeup artist that i’ve worked with so far forces me into trying it out - Georgina listened and I can honestly say I was 100% happy with my look (and wasn’t planning the quickest route to my make up wipes!).

I would 100% recommend Georgina for any event that you require make up for - she is a sweet, humble and professional makeup artist that pays attention to you and is a perfectionist in her field.

Thank you Georgina - you made me a very happy bridesmaid & I look forward to working with you again!

Below are some pictures of my makeup and some of her other work from her portfolio. You can find the rest of her images on her instagram:



K x