Inamo Covent Garden

Hey Food Lovers,


We recently visited Inamo in Covent Garden for the 1st time and to our delight it was a great experience.

We arrived half an hour early for our booking yet was seated within minutes. From the service and the technology experience to the delicious tasting food, we were happy dinners.

The decor and layout felt very Tokyo/Hong Kong inspired. I truly loved the ipad and table computer ordering system, it was simple and allowed us to order continuously as the night went on if we fancied more.

We could also order drinks through the system which was brilliant and it is a really easy way to know how much the bill was going to be at the end of the night so there is no hanging around.

Through the Chef Cam you can see the kitchen right at your seat, which was nice to know you could check to see how your food was being handled (my inner investigator/nosey parker was thrilled my this service).

Our food came within 25 minutes as was delicious throughout. We began our order with Spicy Edamame followed with California Roll, Crunchy Tempura Prawn Maki,  Duck with pancakes and two Lychee Martini’s.

This was more than enough food for two people and was really reasonably priced. We continued to order a few more cocktails and another portion of edamame throughout the evening. The staff where delightful and we was there until closing. They did not even rush us at the end (which they should have!).

I would highly recommend Inamo to any reader and friend. To conclude it is now in my top 3 favourite sushi place in London.

If you visit be sure to let us know your thoughts!.