Makeup Mysteries!

With Summer, the heat, festivals and endless day outs approaching,  I thought I’d give some tips and tricks to answer all of those makeup mysteries such as “do I really need to use a primer?” and “does the spf in my makeup really make a difference?”

Step 1 - Prime!

With the hotter weather in full swing (for the meanwhile), there is not a worse feeling than looking in the mirror after only two hours of applying your makeup and finding it has somehow turned patchy, discoloured or dried particular around the eye areas. This is most likely due to the lack or incorrect primer that you maybe using on your face before you apply your base. The number one tip I can give is to moisturise, this not only creates a base layer for your foundation to sit on so that it doesn’t seep into pores but what most people assume is that moisturiser and face oils will create more spots - this is totally wrong! Spots are created through the lack of moisture and oil and so the skin creates excess oil which then creates spots - yes it might be TMI but don’t be afraid of loathing on the moisturiser! In particular moisturisers with SPF are perfect for warmer weather as it doubles up as a sun protectant.

Once you have chosen the correct moisturiser for your skin, whether that be SPF free, oil free or for sensitive skin, you have the option to use a primer. Hence the name of the product, it will prime your skin and act as another layer before your foundation is applied. If you know that you are going to be taking a lot of photos with a flash on such as a wedding or prom, it is important that your moisturiser and primer has as low or if possible no SPF as this will create a white flash on your face when the photo is taken and none of us want that. There is not just face primers but eyelash primers and eyeshadow primers are also available at both ends of the makeup market, you can find plenty of drugstore options in Boots and Superdrug but likewise more expensive brands offer their own primers. Something to remember is that primer is not necessary to your everyday makeup but generally it will elongate your makeup wear and so if you are going to a special event I would highly recommend this step!

Step 2 - Base!

Just like your primer, it is so important to find a base that is right for your skin. If your skin is on the drier side and you want a glowy complexion, Nars Sheer Glow is a perfect foundation that will create that summer glow without looking oily or shiny. Likewise if your skin is naturally more oily, going for a matte foundation such as MAC Studio Fix Fluid will keep your makeup looking perfect all day and you can easily had a glow with a highlighter.

As I mentioned with the primer step, checking whether your foundation has SPF in it will save you from those photo nightmares as a foundation with an SPF in it will create a white flash on your face which will definitely defeat the point of taking an hour (or two!) creating your perfect makeup look!

An alternative to a heavy foundation which can sometimes be irritable in the warmer months, are BB creams or tinted moisturisers. These have the same concept of foundation but the results are much lighter and is the equivilant to ‘your skin but better’. I love wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser for my everyday makeup as it is lightweight and has SPF 20. For younger skin or those who want a lighter finish, tinted moisturisers and BB creams are a great choice for weddings too!

Step 3 - Set It All In Place!

None of us wants to spend forever perfecting that contour or smokey eye look for it to smudge a few hours in and so the key to locking your makeup in is using a setting spray such as Urban Decay's line of setting sprays designed for different skins and purposes.

Most people forget to do this step but a trick that they might not know to lock that bold red lip in is…..

  1. Apply your lipliner and lipstick in as normal

  2. Hold a thin tissue against your lips

  3. With a brush, tap it into your finishing powder and dust off the excess

  4. Gently tap the brush on top of the tissue so that is covers all of your lips

  5. Drink and eat to your heart's content knowing your lipstick will stay in place!

I hope these tips and tricks helped you!  

(all images sourced from Pinterest)

C x