Marrying Abroad? 4 Top Tips To Remember

Marrying Abroad: 4 Top Tips to remember!

Getting married is an exciting time, which is why it is sometimes easy to forget the tiny details;

especially when marrying abroad! So here are some tips to make sure you don’t forget, giving

you time to focus on the fun parts of your special day like that delicious cake and that jaw-

dropping dress...

1. Visit First!

Lots of people have a dream destination for their perfect wedding day, however, it’s always a

good idea if your budget can allow you to visit the specific place you want your wedding to be in

advance. This will allow you to check out ceremony and reception venues first, as well as meet

suppliers, hairdressers and makeup stylists to give you peace of mind for your big day. Lots of

them allow you to do a trial before your wedding day too!


We all know marrying abroad is a beautiful way to spend your day, with picturesque backdrops

and beautiful weather, however, when marrying abroad, you should consider the climate in other

ways. For example, when choosing your wedding dress. Choosing dresses made of heavy or

thick materials such as satin may cause you discomfort if your destination is a warm country.

Lightweight materials such as chiffon could be perfect to keep you looking glamorous and keep

you cool at the same time. The same rule goes for your hair and makeup, avoid heavy products

and find anti-humidity makeup to help.

3. Important Documents

All of us would rather be focusing on the beautiful beaches or the sunny weather, but there are

lots of documents you will need when planning to marry abroad. These include; Birth

Certificates, Valid 10-year Passports, Affidavit/Statutory declarations, Confirmation of single

status (in case of previous divorce, Decree Absolute) and in some countries if you are of a

young age, parental consent (some destinations need you to be 21 and over without this). Also

check the length of time you have to be in the country before you are allowed to marry, as some

destinations require you to have a Visa. The best way to check is contacting the relevant

embassy with all your questions.


It’s important to remember, for everyone traveling to your wedding, that some countries

recommend getting different vaccinations for your own safety. The further away and the more

tropical, the more likely you are to need boosters or new vaccinations. Common vaccinations

include Cholera, Typhoid and Hepatitis A. Most common vaccinations are available free of

charge from the NHS, but be sure to check which are needed for your chosen destination by

visiting your GP, or use the helpful information displayed on the NHS website.

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