Mirror Booth!

Events. Whether it’s a birthday, a Christmas party, a wedding, christening or engagement, whether it's a launch for a company or a fashion show; events are where memories are made and lost lasting impressions are created.

At Serenity London we believe in creating these magical events so that you can remember the events for a lifetime! Now, I’m sure many of us will go to hundreds and some even thousands of events in our lifetime and it will be probably hard to remember them all, right?

Now what a better way to capture an event... then by actually capturing it!

We met with Photographer and Mirror booth owner Evagoras and he showed us his amazing work and extraordinary (it really is) mirror booth! This was the first time we have seen one and we fell in love!

Now it’s as wonderful as a photobooth in the sense that it provides your guests with pictures they are instantly able to take away, it has all the props for good shots and it is a way for your guests to interact and have fun at any event. The difference is - it isn’t in booth form; simply an interactive touchscreen mirror that speaks to you! (& tells you how fabulous you look in your photos!)

It really is a unique addition to your event - it’s different, reasonably priced, self serviced, doesn’t take up a large amount of venue space, it has a quick put up and take down time and it’s owner is a warming and helpful gentleman who, like us, understands the logistics and importance of creating memorable events for clients.

So if you want a photographer and/or mirror booth for your event get in contact with us today at events@serenitylondon.co.uk or calling us on 0208-008-2780!

Below are some images of the booth, enjoy!

K x