Pick Me Ups

With January and February always causing those winter blues, March always tends to put a spring into my step (pardon the pun) as flowers are starting to bloom and with the sun finally making an appearance (when it feels like it). I can’t help but look forward to evenings in beer gardens, hosting family BBQ’s and of course summer holidays jetting off to white sands and cocktails galore!

But before I daydream too much into what the rest of the year has planned for me – including the amazing upcoming events we have here at Serenity London (don’t forget to check out all of our social media to keep updated) I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cassie and I am one of Serenity’s Interns who has had the pleasure in joining the team.

This new opportunity for my career has been the pick me up I have needed and I’m certainly not suggesting that you need to make a drastic change in your career, in fact it’s the smallest of things that make the difference not only if you are trying to make physical changes but the following suggestions will indeed allow for a more positive outlook.

The first ‘pick me up’ is something so simple yet can either go so right or so wrong.

And yes I’m talking about brows!

Brows by Lois is my go to HD brow stylist especially as I am very fair-headed and so the brow game always seems to be so much harder to keep up but none the less Lois always fixes me up with the best and most natural look to suit my complexion. Keeping them bushy like Cara Delevingne, defined and thick like the Kardashian’s or if you feel more comfortable with slightly thinner brows, then this professional is a woman you need on speed dial when those brows are getting too out of hand!

If being able to feel like you can fall asleep whilst getting this type of  treatment isn’t already good enough, she also offers individual lash treatments at such reasonable prices for the quality and the ease she puts you at.

A small change like this can really boost confidence especially if you have had horror stories in the past.

Here are some photos of her work from her Instagram @browsbylois:

The second ‘pick me up’ is changing your exercise routine and I don’t mean increasing the amount of times you go to the gym per work, in fact is has been proven that changing the type of exercise you do every six weeks actually allows for more results.

And not the physical ones either, I recently took up yoga and I have found the changes on my mental health and well being astonishing. It allows you to have the ‘me’ time we all tend to neglect especially in the hectic lives we all lead.

Somewhere I am hoping to take my zen to the next level is at one of the Sky-High Yoga Class at The View from The Shard which is definitely the definition of views!

It is a one hour class held by Yogasphere’s Mandy Jhamat (named “one of the UK’s top yoga teachers” by Marie Claire) and Harley Street wellbeing coach Leo Lourdes. The price of the ticket also includes a 30 minutes pass to enjoy the incredible view of London’s skyline  which I have been lucky enough to view multiple times.

The Shard also hold other events such as their Silent Discos, which combined with the yoga in the morning could be part of a upcoming Hen Do or Birthday Celebration package that Serenity London could personally create which would leave you and your guests treasuring those memories for a lifetime!

With Easter only a month away, supermarkets and shops are bombarding us with as much chocolate as possible and although we all know it isn’t the essence of what Easter is about, it does allow us to treat those sweet teeth!

The third ‘pick me up’ is indulgence, whether that be in your favourite restaurant, a glass of wine or for me, chocolate is my go to!

And for all those chocoholics out there, Choccywoccydoodah (based in Carnaby Street and Brighton) will be your idea of heaven!

As you enter the shop and get directed upstairs to the ‘bar du chocolat’, (note there might be a small wait as they do not take reservations, but it is so worth it), the inner child within you will not be able to hide!

The menu exceeds expectations with different variations on classic favourites such as peanut butter milkshakes and chocolate guinness cake. When I visited around Christmas time, between three chocoholics we were defeated by the amount we ordered (you can see all the glory in the photo below). I would definitely recommend the strawberry and white chocolate truffle milkshake and the chocolate everything cake - which will fulfill every expectation!

Despite the bar du chocolat being small in size, the service was not lacking as all the staff were happy to answer any questions about the extensive menu they offer. They also provide vegetarian and vegan options as all of their chocolate is vegetarian and dark chocolate is vegan!

I hope you enjoyed these pick me up’s! If you choose any of the above to Pick You Up this March, please upload and tag us in any pictures on Instagram/Facebook or Twitter!

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