Snapchat Geofilter


The new craze that just keeps getting better and better every update right? Recently every other display picture and upload has a snapchat filter huh? (That darn dog!)

As much as we may moan or claim we’re so bored of seeing these filters everywhere...truth is...we can’t get enough right now!

As event planners we’re ALWAYS on the lookout for something special, different and personalised that we could add to each event we do. Then along came Snapchat geofilters. Now this isn’t no flower headband... this is a filter designed just for you for your special event..ONLY.

To create a geofilter snap consists of 3 things: 

1. A vision 

2. A PNG file

3. A desired location and time frame for the filter. 

PNG files can be made on applications such as photoshop and do require quite and bit of knowledge on the software to be able to make a good file in order to upload. Snapchat also have size requirements for the filter which means you have to fiddle about with dimensions and pixels to ensure you meet the standards, which is not always the simplest task. 

With this is mind, we decided to make your life easier, and your events greater!

We have teamed up with the lovely guys at Dream Random (who do most of our amazing artwork) so if you did want a filter for your event, all you’d need to do is simply get in contact with us with your idea (if you have one - if not we create ideas here at Serenity London!)

& we will put together a unique geofilter with what you have sent us or as you have described, no hassle, no fuss (& at a competitive rate!) We design and deploy ready for your approval then its up to you to decide where and when the filter will be up and its all systems go!

Below are some examples of SnapChat Geofilters... So wether its to add to your special wedding day, a birthday party, a surprise for a friend or a partner or to enhance your business and to gain more exposure contact us at or give us a call on 0208-088-2780 to speak to someone in our team today! 

Happy Snapping! xo