The first time festival-goer survival guide!

Festival season is upon us.. Even if the sunshine isn’t! Survival for a first-time festival goer isn’t always easy or natural. For those who have been a few times, they know the little things that can improve your experience by a million to ensure you have the best time enjoying the best music! So here are our main survival tips to ensure the best weekend ahead...

Whatever the weather

We all know how unpredictable British weather can be, which is why it’s crucial you make sure you are prepared for the sun and the rain - no matter what the weather forecast! This means bringing along waterproofs and wellies as well as suntan lotion and sunglasses!

Staying hygienic

Hand sanitiser, loo roll, wet wipes and dry shampoo will be your best friends over the weekend, but make sure you share with your friends to avoid bringing any more luggage than necessary, remember, you’ll be carrying it all to and from the campsite! Spare clothes are also a good idea in case of a mud attack, however don’t overdo it; be sure to use your packing space wisely!


they’re easy to forget! - keys, camera, toothbrush, tickets and ID, cash and cards are all very important, so make sure you set a reminder, or you may not even get in!

Sleeping tight

Fluffy socks will save you at night time when the temperature drops. Hoodies and tracksuit bottoms would be best, because after all, you’re camping outside! With that being said, don’t forget your sleeping bag!

Looking the part

Festival looks go from one extreme to the other, but the one thing most people have in common is.. GLITTER! So make sure you’re well equipped, they will probably be selling it inside the festival but for high prices! Other little bits such as stick on tattoos or flowers won’t go amiss either. As silly as it may sound, a fanny pack is almost essential when walking around the festival. You’ll be able to keep all your valuable belongings safe on you at all times; won’t regret it! Another hack when packing your garms is mix & match clothes. This will help you to save space, so see which outfits you can swap around to create more glam looks! This will allow you more space for spare underwear and socks - you’ll need them!

Helpful extras

We all know how little time it takes for phones to run out, especially when you’re snapping the whole day, so a portable phone charger can be a lifesaver. Keeping your phone on airplane mode whilst it’s charging or you’re not using it will also save you valuable percentage. Ear plugs may also be a clever idea for those who value their extra winks like I do! And a torch can also help you navigate your way round after dark, saving you from tripping over those sneaky tent ropes! Padlocks for your tent will also give you a little extra peace of mind throughout the day when you leave your stuff. Tying a flag or balloon to your tent may also be worth your time when hunting through the thousands on your campsite, or maybe even tie one to your friend that gets lost often!

We hope these handy tips make your festival a little more carefree and fun-filled! Enjoy x