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Networking. Such an important way to make new connections, to get your business across to the right people and to create long-lasting relationships with the right people.

As great as it sounds, having been to over 10000 networking events and exhibitions (or so it feels like) it can become quite tiresome and repetitive, especially when you leave feeling as though none of the business cards you picked up are going to be particularly useful.

For me - the worst kind of networking event is when you go and are attacked by vultures by these businesses that have paid enough money to exhibit themselves at an event and just want to make their money back by any means necessary - even if that means corning you trying to convince you why you need them to build you a brand new website even when you've told them your website is only a month old.

All of these experiences is what drove me to create this beauty; The Serenity Network.

I needed a network for like minded people, I needed consistency, I needed not only connections for business, but connections for ideas, inspiration, advice, I needed a place where if i’m up brainstorming at 2am..there could be a platform where if anyone else was in the same mindspace we could speak, relate. I needed some real, raw and reassuring. So when you can't find something like that that already exists what do you do?; you make it yourself.

The Serenity Network is a members only network; you can only join if you are a business owner or service provider. There is a 24 hour accessible online group for frequent discussion that varies from political debates, to the recommendations on the best banks to use, to general advice and opinions for business ideas and expansions. Membership also includes entry to monthly networking events and workshops. My aim for the workshops is for everyone to leave inspired. To leave feeling motivated. To feel ready. We first launched The Serenity Network in November, approaching all entrepreneurs with this opportunity.

We hosted our first event in December, a christmas themed welcome event. Introduce your business, what you do, question and answers and how you hope to move forward. It was a calming atmosphere with creative juices flowing; it was inspiring sitting back and looking at all of these minds, from different backgrounds, different industries and different experiences all interlocking together and offering suggestions for advertising, marketing and business development. We then put everyone’s marketing materials into a bag and each person picked out another businesses resources and had to relay information about the business from what they had heard in the meeting. By the end some of us were crying from laughter and others extremely flattered by the extent of attention that was paid to our businesses. It was a truly lovely evening, and even better knowing that by the end of the night, each business had made at least one connection for business in the near future. Success!

I am so confidently looking forward to the future, with an events background I am so determined to make each event a success and worth while as well as having the knowledge of the do’s and dont’s of a typical networking event, combining both of them and making some serious entrepreneurial magic!

On January’s agenda we have a vision board party; creating a mood board for all that you hope and expect for your business in 2017 using the resources provided.

January's event will be hosted by Business owner Shinel Critchlow, the founder of the Urban Entertainment Awards, an award show for UK talent that celebrated its 3rd award show in November 2016. She has created her brand, expanded on her audience, reached out and successfully secured sponsors and has managed to grow the event in size each year. With her bubbly, warm and positive personality as well as her knowledge of the industry  we are confident that Shinel is the perfect person to create the perfect atmosphere for this month's event!

February and March will be covering business accounts, smart payments and social media. We aim to speak about these topics for the month in the group before the event to create a focus and learning point.

So if you are a business owner or service provider and are looking for a real push for yourself and your business in the new year, please get in touch! Membership is only £10 per month and the possibilities are endless.


Below are the links for becoming a member or to attend the January event as a one off to see how we work in The Serenity Network. Please be reminded that this is exclusive for business owners and service providers and entry and membership will be denied if proof of business can not be verified.

Let’s get networking!



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