Wedding Rehearsals Top Tips!

As Wedding Season is now upon us! We wonder how many of you have Wedding Rehearsals booked in?

Many may think what is required from your bridal and Groomsmen parties is pretty straight forward however you would be surprised with the little things you would be whispering on the day to get everyone on the same page.

So I thought I would put together a check list of things to cover and key elements to have during rehearsals:

1.       The key things to rehearse are; The Entrances to the Church, The Entrances to the Venue, Where everyone is sitting and Everyone’s jobs on the day if they have any.

2.       Have all music ready in order that they will play on the day

3.       Speak through the ceremony headings. Take a look at the ceremony draft and read through the headings aloud, so everyone knows roughly the order of the ceremony.

4.       When practising the church entrance be sure to cover all details such as step speed and end positions. Many people always end up walking to the inner spots rather than outer.

5.       For the venue entrance it is vital you go over the path with your party, it becomes daunting as the hit the stage therefore common sense may not be so common in that moment

6.       Ensure the music for the entrances has a little extra time as there may be some delays on the day and you would not want the music stopping before all your party is out.

7.       Allocate the last couple entering the church and hall to count everyone in.

8.       Run though the jobs of each person on the day, we highly encourage this as come 9am wedding day morning you the Bride and Groom will be thinking of everything else besides the small details that need to be done.

9.       If you can Brides practice a toilet run with your selected people in your dress. This may sound funny to some of you however with no run through on the day it could become a panic!

10.   Finally encourage questions from everyone! This way there are no questions on the day that you may find stressful to answer.

When booking a wedding with Serenity London Events there is not an element of your wedding we do not think about and cover. We pride ourselves on constantly thinking how to execute perfection.

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S x